Kreitler Racing Team

The Kreitler Racing Team is an organization established in 1986 to support, manage, develop and finance top-level junior and collegiate athletes in both national and international settings, while promoting awareness of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our program provides highly experienced elite athletes and developing "junior" athletes with the necessary tools to succeed throughout the rigors of a year-long racing calendar. The elite athletes support and mentor the young up-coming racers.

We are an individually owned operation that depends solely on the assistance of sponsors to run this formidable team, which has more than proven itself over the course of many years of existence. The Kreitler Racing Team has established a truly supportive environment in which to prepare its athletes and to create extensive exposure for all those involved with our organization.

The Kreitler Racing Team is an elite team that has consistently achieved numerous top ranking results, including National Champions, many national medals, many state champions, and professional podium placings.
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