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RHYMES WITH DESIGN: Race Ready with Cedric Gracia

Cedric on mountain bike trail

Race season is upon us, and there’s no better world-class athlete than the legendary Cedric Gracia to share some wisdom and experience to help get you race ready. With decades of racing under his belt at the highest level, Gracia has an endless amount of knowledge concerning travel, preparation and mental focus. So as part of our month-long Race Ready campaign, we asked him a few questions to get further insight from his time circling the globe racing downhill, 4-cross and enduro.

Cedric checking frame bag

"Time is a lot shorter when you know your bike really well, and working with a great mechanic really helps."

Q1: Over the years, you’ve raced in many different disciplines, from four-cross to downhill and more. How did you prepare for different events (tapering, bike adjustments, etc.) and how did you manage switching from one discipline to another effectively?

Cedric catching air on mountain bike

"...doing my sprints, so I could attack the track like a madman."

Q2: How did your race prep routine change as you matured as a rider over your racing career?

Cedric racing with competition gear on and helmet
Cedric back in the day. Photo: Casey Gibson

"With new tool capabilities, you basically have everything in one tool."

Q3: Bikes have taken you all over the world. Do you have any tips for traveling with your bike (e.g. what tools to bring, not having your bike/luggage lost, etc.)?

Cedric carrying mountain bike

"United States. It's a vibe you never forget. "

Q4: Speaking of travel, what’s been your favorite place to race? Why? Are there any specific race courses that pique your fancy?

Profile personality picture of Cedric

"No [laughing]. The most important thing is I need to do what I love the most: ride my bike."

Q5: The night before and the day-of racing, what are your biggest concerns? What do you focus on, and do you have a routine (Pre-race rituals and superstitions, bike and gear checks, and/or last minute tune-ups and calibration)?

Cedric catching up and showing off to the crowds
Always the showoff. Photo: John Gibson

"The crowds."

Q6: What’s the biggest aspect of racing that you miss?

Funny personality photo of Cedric peaking out of bushes

"Those mistakes made me a better person."

Q7: If you could go back in time and change anything about your racing career, what would it be?

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Jun 8, 2022