Alison Tetrick tuning her bike

Alison Tetrick using her Super SV multi-tool at Unbound 200 Gravel Race in Kansas. © PhotoWil

Who needs a date to the party? Sorry. I have my Lezyne Super SV multi-tool.

It is good to be a multi-tool. You are able to do all the things. You are a genuine MacGyver. A jack of all trades. No one wants to be a tool. But a multi-tool? Now you are talking. Everyone loves a multi-tool. A multi-tool is the cool one invited to the party. It has all the tricks. It is understated, yet knowledgeable. Unassuming and loyal. It is always there when you need it but doesn’t take up a lot of space. It doesn’t require extra entertainment and doesn’t weigh you down.

As much as I would like to say that I am a multi-tool. I am not. I cannot do it all. This is why I bring along my Lezyne Super SV Tool here along with me everywhere I go. It is a reliable and valuable piece for all my rides and races. It is sleek, light, and sexy. It is always dressed right for any party I take it to. Speaking of parties, we go to a lot of bike parties together. We are kind of going steady.

On all my bikes, from road to gravel to mountain, I use the same Lezyne Super SV mini tool and arrange them consistently. Of course tube sizes change, but the basics stay identical. This way, under stress, I know exactly where to find everything. And who doesn’t get stressed when everyone is watching them change a tire? Racing or not.

When riding an event like Unbound 200, which is over 206 miles of Kansas flint rock that eat sidewalls for all three meals of the day and everything in between, I carry an extra multi-tool in my rear pocket to easily access for any quick tire changes and other issues. I also have my threaded  Lezyne Control C02 Drive ready to inflate a tubeless tire quickly to seal. When training, this isn’t necessary, but in race situations, this is a little trick I learned along the way. Preparation, repetition, and speed to get you back rolling as quickly as possible. Know where your equipment is, and how to use it. It is more fun and efficient that way.

Last week, my Lezyne Super SV Tool was my date for two days of the Leadboat Challenge. Think bike party turned all the way up to 11. I started my first mountain bike race, the Leadville 100 MTB, finished, and then drove to Steamboat Springs for the 144 miles of SBTGRVL. 106 miles on the mountain bike—all over 10,000 feet of elevation—followed by 144 miles of gravel bliss. It was a party resulting in one of the bigger bike hangovers I have had yet, but I had the right companion along for the ride.

So, where should we dance next?



The Super SV stainless bike multi tool is the ultimate ride repair tool specifically developed by us for today’s modern bicycles. Its ergonomic machined aluminum side plates feature extra leverage and an integrated magnetic holder for a spare quick link. Each tool bit is meticulously machined from high-grade stainless steel, and crafted to be as compact and lightweight as possible. Available in two configurations, with one offering an integrated tubeless tire repair kit, the Super SV series is ideal for any mountain biker or road cyclist looking for the best, corrosion-free mini tool.


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