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Alison Tetrick’s got a new rig, and we were lucky enough to get a few pictures of it before she took it out into its natural habitat. The 2022 Specialized S-Works Crux is what dreams are made of and if we’re being honest, we might have kept it if the Queen of Gravel herself didn’t need it to, you know, do her job. So, instead of burglary, we decided on a bike check to showcase some of the sweet tools and tech Tetrick uses in training, racing, and beyond.

Read on to discover the theory in design behind each product as well as hear Alison’s thoughts on why she loves her Lezyne gear.





Lezyne Mega XL GPS Bike Computer

We designed the Mega XL GPS to be the ultimate, fully capable GPS for all serious riders. With a class-leading 48-hour runtime, extra-large screen, and extensive hardware and software compatibility, it’s the best when it comes to features-per-dollar.

“I never leave home without my Mega XL GPS—literally. I know I’m going places, but I wouldn't know where those places were if it weren't for my Mega XL. The battery life is enough for me to basically do two laps around the sun (or at least over 24 hours of navigated riding, which is how fast it takes me to get around the sun, I think). I love that it integrates with all of my mapping systems; my favorite is the direct upload and export to Komoot. I would be lost without my Mega XL and I am so happy we found each other.”


Lezyne Alloy Forward CNC Mount

Where does your GPS go when you’re using a bar bag? With the Alloy Forward Mount, it’s easy to flip your bike computer to the other side of your handlebars, leaving you valuable space up front for donut storage.

“If there was a perfect pairing for my Lezyne Mega XL GPS, it would be the Alloy Forward Mount. Light, sleek, and straightforward, it’s like pairing a good pair of shoes with your... map and metrics? The Forward Mount makes your GPS super visible and can be easily adjusted to your bars of choice.”


Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XL Front LED Bike Light

We wanted to build a “be-seen” light that worked for everything from commuting to road riding. The Hecto Drive 500XL does exactly that while packing in features like cooling fins, an integrated USB stick, an efficient lens, and a replaceable strap.

“Shine bright like a Hecto 500! We all want to see and be seen. The Hecto Drive 500XL is compact, durable, and crafted with a stunning aluminum body. It has side visibility and offers an impressive 500 lumens with eight output modes for this Goldilocks. Like the Mega XL GPS, the Hecto Drive 500XL is all about battery life—this little light of mine can last from 2.5 hours up to 20 hours.”


Lezyne KTV Rear LED Bike Light

The KTV Drive Rear is designed to be simple, bright, and easy to use, regardless of your bike or riding style. When it comes to safety, it’s an easy and reliable way to stay visible, offering up to 10 lumens of output or up to 20 hours of run-time.

“Are you looking at my rear? Good, that means you see me and my KTV Drive Rear. It's aero, it's light, it flashes—it’s perfect. I love the KTV for its compact size and its varied flashing/output capabilities. I really do love being seen on the road.”


Lezyne quick release saddle bag for bicycles

Multiple bikes, one saddle bag—that was our goal with the M-Caddy design. Adding quick release interchangeability to our flagship saddle bag design allows the caddy to be easily swapped between all bikes equipped with our QR system.

“This is my favorite saddle bag. Seriously. There’s no risk of rubbing my chamois, and it has plenty of room to hold all my supplies. I like to carry a little extra with me (2 x CO2, 2 x Tubes, 100-dollar bills, etc), but I also don't want to be encumbered by a saddle bag, so the M-Caddy QR is just what I need. I literally will not use any other bag but this.”


Machined aluminum bicycle water bottle cage

Built of one solid piece of CNC-machined aluminum, the CNC Cage stays true to the iconic Lezyne styling which defines the brand while offering a durable, secure hold on bottles.

“The Lezyne CNC cage is my favorite cage of all time. I know people get all weight weenie and want things that are carbon, but the aluminum is light, beautiful, and will never leave one of my bottles behind. I really trust the reliability of these cages. I love all the color options, but I thought this particular bike needed the black. She’s stealthy and I wanted her bottle cages to be as sleek as her.”


Pocket drive bicycle hand pump, loaded kit with CO2 and tire levers

We took the tried and trusted Pocket Drive and built out a kit designed to provide both quick and reliable flat repairs in a compact, easy-to-stow package. Plus, the all parts are fully serviceable and replaceable in the event of wear.

“I do love carrying my CO2s and plugs, but when you need that extra help, the Lezyne Pocket Drive is the way to go. It’s an incredibly light and compact bicycle hand pump that will ensure you finish your ride. After all, no one wants to be stranded, and let me tell you, where I ride, Uber isn't an option.”


Classically designed brass bicycle bell

A bicycle bell doesn’t need to be complex—we were looking for a simple, classic design with a loud ring. We also wanted the bell to match Lezyne’s aesthetic (or as our marketing team calls it, find the meeting point where ding meets bling).

“Ding. Dong. I like to grandstand in general, but I love having a lightweight bell that lets people know when I am coming by (or that helps me say hi to the cute critters!)”


Tubeless ready valves for bicycle wheels

Pure function and clean aesthetics—it’s a phrase we take to heart, even with the smallest of components. The CNC TLR Valves are built with a T25 slot and corresponding bit for snug fitment. It features replaceable seals and valve cores, all while maintaining the sleek, beautiful design found in all of our products.

“I am all about the details. And, well, we know that Lezyne has the functionality and flair to customize my bikes to perfection. I love the CNC TLR Valves in the discotheque Neo Metallic. I mean, look at all the colors! 60mm valves allow me to use different wheel depths on the course, and the valves themselves are lightweight, have a leak-free seal, and really make the sexy nature of my new steed pop. Don't you think?”


Rhymes with Lezyne is a recurring series featuring the favorite products of Lezyne's ambassador team. Stay tuned to the blog as well as our social channels for more product picks, pro tips and tales of adventure—and misadventure—aplenty.