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Spring is just around the corner, and pro mountain biker Eric Porter shared some tech tips on tuning up your bike in preparation for the riding season. Check out how Eric gets his mountain bike ready to shred and snag some tools of your own from our spring collection.

It’s springtime now, which means it’s time to get the bikes tuned up again and ready for the season. Here are a few key things to do in preparation for the upcoming rides back on the dirt!

Chain Gauge - Chains and chainrings are the wear items in your drivetrain with a 1x12 setup, so have a close look at your chainring to make sure it isn’t worn down too much. Secondly, check your chain with the chain gauge to make sure it’s still got life in it.

Lezyne Chain Gauge measuring chain wear

Next, we’ll need to replace the sealant in your tubeless tires. It needs to be replaced every few months because it dries up, and at that point it won’t be able to seal a puncture if you get one. This is also a great time to upgrade your valve stems to the TLR valves, which not only work great but look sick since you can match your bike’s colorway.

Lezyne CNC TLR Valve Color Options

After tires, I always check my suspension. It’s good to push it up and down to get things lubed up again, and of course if it’s been a long time since a full service, take it in to your local shop. If things are feeling good though, I would recommend setting your sag again with the Digital Shock Drive and then keeping that pump in your pack so you can fine tune while you are riding to maximize your suspension potential.

Tuning using the Digital Shock Drive

Here’s a video that goes deeper into my pre-season prep, as well as some desert riding. Have fun out there!

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Athlete: Eric Porter | Lezyne Ambassador
Instagram : @portermtb
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