BikeRadar Lists GPS in Best New Gear - GPS Unit

BikeRadar Lists Super GPS in 11spd Best New Gear

BikeRadar Lists Super GPS in 11spd Best New Gear

We’ve gotten a lot of great reviews from BikeRadar in the past, but of course, this year we’ve got our eyes on the new Lezyne GPS line. The popular online cycling publication caught wind of our brand new product category, and featured our Super GPS in the latest, pre-Fall edition of 11spd, their weekly collection of the hottest new cycling gear to grace their offices in Colorado.

BikeRadar had great things to say about the Super GPS, stating that “In initial testing, we found the Lezyne Super GPS to stay connected to our iPhone more reliably than a Garmin Edge.”

“While the 75g Super GPS does not provide navigation — the GPS functionality here is used for recording where you ride, plus metrics like speed and distance — it does work with heart rate straps, power meters and mobile phones thanks to ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity.”

BikeRadar Lists GPS in Best New Gear
Image: BikeRadar

Read the entire review and article here. Reviews the Lezyne Mini GPS Reviews the Lezyne Mini GPS Reviews the Lezyne Mini GPS

Online publication is always on top of reviewing Lezyne products, and this time around they got their hands on one of our newly released Mini GPS computers to take for a spin! The Mini GPS is compact, powerful and ideal for the cycling minimalist. Simply turn it on, press start and go for a ride. Essential ride data is presented on a sharp, easy to read, semi-customizable display and logged for later analysis. The display also features auto-scrolling ride info, custom lap presets and an optional auto start/stop function. An optimized GPS recording system stores up to 100 hours of data and can be easily accessed via flash drive technology. Rides are saved as .fit files for cross-compatibility with third-party interfaces like Strava™ and TrainingPeaks®. Housed in a stylish aluminum bezel, the computer features a simple three-button operation and is micro USB rechargeable for up to 10 hours of runtime.

“The Lezyne Mini GPS computer is an easy-to-use option that gives you basic ride information on your handlebar along with the ability to upload, store and analyse your rides on Lezyne’s GPS Root website.”

Read’s full review here.

Shop the new Lezyne GPS line here.

All About the Ride Reviews the Lezyne Hecto Drive 300XL

All About the Ride Reviews the Lezyne Hecto Drive 300XL

All About the Ride Reviews the Lezyne Hecto Drive 300XL

We here at Lezyne are definitely excited about our new LED line for Year 9, and shortly after release, UK-based online publication All About The Ride has gotten their hands on our new Hecto Drive 300XL and left a great, in-depth review!

Our Hecto Drive 300XL is a multi-purpose performance LED cycling light that is compact, durable and constructed with heat-dissipating CNC machined aluminum. Its ultra high-output LED delivers up to 300 lumens, and the Mode Memory function returns to the selected mode after turning off. The Hecto Drive 300XL has seven combined lumen and flash modes, an enhanced MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lens with built-in side visibility, an integrated cable-free recharging USB stick and an advanced Li-Poly battery for superior run time.

“US cycling accessory giant Lezyne have come up bigger and brighter for their Y9 (Year 9) range of lights. Whilst they have added some new models to the range, unlike many manufacturers Lezyne have not changed the names of their flagship lights. Instead the Californian based company has backed the new performance of the range by adding the lumen output and XL or XXL to the name of its most popular products. We took the commuter-favourite Lezyne Hecto Drive 300XL (its new name) front light out after dark.”

View the entire review here!

Shop the Lezyne Hecto Drive 300XL here.

Visit Lezyne at Interbike!

Visit Lezyne at Interbike!

Visit Lezyne at Interbike!

Visit Lezyne at Interbike!

It’s that time of year again…for the Interbike and Dirt Demo tradeshows in Las Vegas, Nevada! We’ll be set up at booth #D1706 out in the desert for Dirt Demo from September 14-15th, and at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, booth #4184 for Interbike on September 16-18. Our brand new GPS computers, revamped line of super bright LED lights new ABS2-equipped floor pumps (both digital and standard), and other Year 9 products will be on display, so come on by to get hands-on and talk to our brand representatives about everything and anything Lezyne.

Click on the thumbnails below to view floor plans.

Visit Lezyne at Interbike! - Interbike Map

Visit Lezyne at Interbike! - Dirt Demo Map Reviews the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG Reviews the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG
Image: Reviews the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG

The Dutch online publication had some positive words for our popular hand pump with floor pump efficiency, the Micro Floor Drive HVG. The article is of course, all written in Dutch, but in summary, it explains all pump features and heralds the ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and overall beautiful looks of the pump. The foot stand for stability and long hose is seen as a great convenience, as well as the fact that this popular little pump is lightweight and easy to use. also speaks of the familiar inconvenience of encountering a flat or a damaged tube, and needing a quick fix. Looks like our Micro Floor Drive HVG fits the bill!

View the entire review here, and read more about/shop our Micro Floor Drive HVG here. Reviews the New Lezyne Strip Drives Reviews the New Lezyne Strip Drives
Image: Reviews the New Lezyne Strip Drives

We over here at Lezyne are pretty excited about our new Strip Drive line, which includes a front, rear and Pro (rear) version. has always been on a roll with reviewing our new product lines every year, and they had nothing but good things to say about the new Strip Drives.

“Lezyne has introduced a new range of Strip Drive front and rear lights that can fit any shape of handlebar or seatpost, including aero options.

“There are two rear lights in the Strip Drive range along with a front light, each containing five LEDs.

“The higher level rear light is the Strip Drive Pro. It’s co-moulded meaning that the lens and the body are an integrated whole so that water can’t get inside. The control button is shielded away underneath the rubber outer so that rain can’t get in there either.”

Read the entire review here.

Read more about the Strip Drives as part of our new Y9 LED collection here.

Visit Lezyne at Eurobike!

Visit Lezyne at Eurobike!

Visit Lezyne at Eurobike!

The annual Eurobike tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is just around the corner! We’ll be set up in Hall A1, Booth 303 displaying all of our latest goods. If you’re planning to visit Eurobike this year, please drop by for a visit. We’ll have our new line of GPS computers to check out, along with our expanded and enhanced collection of LED lights. And you’ll be sure to see a few more new items that we’re debuting at the show!

Visit Lezyne at Eurobike! - Booth

Danny MacAskill Q&A

Danny MacAskill Q&A

Danny MacAskill Q&A

Following the world premiere of our GPS video featuring Danny MacAskill, we caught up with the man himself for a little update on what he’s been up to!

What’s new and exciting in your life?
The last few weeks have been pretty busy for me! I finally managed to get the whole Drop and Roll team together in one place to make a proper team video. I have wanted to do this for the past six months, so it’s a great feeling to finally have it finished. Other than that, I’ve been busy traveling for some photo shoots and scouting new locations for a big film I have planned later this year!

What have been some of your most memorable moments in 2015?
2015 has been a great year so far: I rode my mtb and motorbike loads at the start of the year and then I’ve been concentrating on my trials riding through the summer. The Drop and Roll Tour has kept me pretty busy doing shows in Germany, Italy and a few in the UK. The stand out show for me this year has to be the show we did at the Fort William Mountain Bike World Cup. It’s an amazing event to be part of and the crowds were just awesome!

Are you working on any new video projects?
Yep! As I mentioned, I just finished filming the new Drop and Roll video that should be out soon. Then I have a couple more big projects planned later this year—but I like to keep my cards close to my chest!

What are some of the things you do to keep progressing as a rider?
I basically let my imagination run wild! There are no rules for street trials. At this moment in my life I have an amazing opportunity to go and ride wherever I like, so I just try to make the most of that!

What athletes inspire you outside of cycling?
Guy Martin (Isle of Man TT competitor) is definitely an inspiration to me! I love the way he plays every thing down and just gets on with it! Alex Honnold is another athlete I look on in awe! His mental strength as a free climber is just incredible!

How do you stay focused and mentally balanced while constantly traveling?
I try to keep my traveling to a minimum, really. When you’re traveling, you’re not riding. I really try and make sure I get a week here and there back home (in Glasgow, Scotland) where I can just get out and ride for myself!

What was it like shooting your segment for the Lezyne GPS video in the snow?
It was a pretty fun segment to film, if not a little sketchy! The trail was very rocky underneath the slush so I was kind of relying on a bit of luck to keep me up right. I think the other riders had it a little easier filming their parts in the sun!

What did you think of the final video?
I’m super happy with how it turned out! It’s funny how everyone else’s section are filmed in the gleaming sun while mine is in snowy, grey Scotland.

Was it cool to be featured in a video with so many different types of athletes?
Yeah for sure! It’s always cool to feature in a video shoulder-to-shoulder with amazing, diverse athletes!

How has mountain biking with your Lezyne GPS computer improved your riding?
It’s been a great tool to track the new trails we’ve been building!


Read more about Danny MacAskill here.

Latest GPS Root Enhancements

Latest GPS Root Enhancements - Totals

Latest GPS Root Enhancements

Now that our GPS Root website has been live for a bit, we’re getting plenty of positive feedback along with a few suggestions for improvements. Additionally, we’re continuing to enhance the user interface for a more dynamic experience and easier navigation.

Here are some of the more recent updates that have been added to GPS Root.

Strava Sync: Users can now seamlessly sync with the popular training and activity website from our GPS Root database. Single rides can be pushed through manually, or rides can be set to automatically upload to Strava whenever new files are added.

Latest GPS Root Enhancements - Strava

Dashboard Totals: On the dashboard of GPS Root, an overview of rides totals can now alternated between Overall, Yearly, Monthly and Weekly with the click of a button.

FAQ and Videos: More support has been added to GPS Root. Tutorial videos for the Mini GPS have been added, highlighting its features and functions. Furthermore, an in depth FAQ was put together and posted on the site covering many GPS questions about our devices.

There are also plenty of “works in progress” happening over GPS Root. For Example:

Improved Map and Graph Features: Subtle user-friendly enhancements are continuing to be added to both the map route and data graphs. The default view of the map now displays “Terrain” and the overlaid data points can be viewed as “Points” or “Solid Line” depending on user preference. Additionally, the data graphs can be switched between “Average Smoothing” and “Exact Input” that the device records.

The Lezyne Mini GPS Has Arrived

The Lezyne Mini GPS Has Arrived

The Lezyne Mini GPS Has Arrived

The wait is over: our Mini GPS is in transit to a shop near you! Check out the list below showing the retailers in the USA and UK that will have the Mini GPS in stock. And more are on the way to the rest of the world! Over the next two weeks Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand and many more will be receiving their shipments. Stay tuned for updated list of shops. If you hurry you’ll be one of the firsts to get your hands on this year’s hottest new product!

Check locations in the United States and the UK here:

Read the GPS FAQ here: