Our COVID-19 Statement

Thanks for checking in! Please revisit this page for the latest updates from Lezyne.

These are certainly unprecedented times. We hope you are doing well and taking every precaution necessary to help contain the ongoing pandemic.

Right now, we feel the most important thing is to stay safe and be positive, no matter your circumstances. And, we fully support and encourage staying active. It’s paramount to stay fit at this time to help support your health and wellbeing.

For those that are allowed to go outside for a ride, please ride responsibly. It will help us all get through this quicker. If you’re sheltering in place (which we encourage), there is an abundance of advice online to keep motivated—from virtual racing, to stationary trainers, to countless interactive activities that engage with world-class athletes. We are also working with our top teams and ambassadors to provide tips and inspiration to all of our collective fans and supporters. We’ll be updating our digital channels regularly! 

Currently, Lezyne is fully operational. We are fortunate to be able to keep things going by utilizing today’s modern technologies that enables departments to continue working from home, or independently in isolated company buildings while adhering to all required health regulations. Customer service is still live, and orders are still shipping with strict social distancing and sterilization policies in place.

The bottom line is we are still here to support all riders. If you are able ride without risk, we're here to support you—indoors or outdoors.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please email us HERE.

For warranty and product support please visit: https://support.lezyne.com/