By Mariya Avtanska

Lezyne Stick Drive SC

Photo: Stick Drive Seat Clamp

If you happened to swing by booth 69 at Sea Otter Classic this past week, you may have been lucky enough to spot some of our latest tech and mech for 2022. From never-before-seen tools to brand-spanking-new colorways on your favorite TLR valves and bottle cages, we had quite the lineup prepped for exhibition. We’re happy to announce that as of today, we’re finally releasing this sweet gear to the public, available on the New Products page of our website. But before you head on over there, let’s take a look at some of our favorites:


Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive

We’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback on this one since Sea Otter, so we figured we’d go into it a bit for those of you who didn’t get to fidget around with the tool itself. A miniature, more portable version of our popular Torque Drive, the Pocket Torque Drive comes with 4 commonly-sized hex bits and 2 Torx bits and offers adjustment between 2 and 6 Nm, making it the ultimate portable bicycle torque wrench for on-the-fly mechanicals. Oh, and it makes the little click-ey sound when you hit the torque spec, because that's straight-up satisfying.


Lezyne Bike Storage Hooks Wall

As cyclists, we may take the rule of n+1 a bit too seriously (more bikes = more fun, right?) But we do understand that stacking bikes on bikes on bikes in your living room is far from convenient and hardly aesthetically pleasing. So, we did a bit of thinking—and maybe bugged our engineering team more than we should have—and are excited to launch our Bike Storage category for 2022. Offering both a CNC Alloy Wheel Hook and Stainless Pedal Hook for simple wall mounting, our bike storage solutions not only de-clutter your living space but also put your bike on display because, let’s face it, we know your two-wheeled steed belongs in an art museum.


Lezyne RAP II 20 Tubeless

Gone are the days of carrying both a multitool and a tire plug repair kit—your favorite tool just got an upgrade. The RAP II multitool line has two new variants, the RAP II - 13 Tubeless and the RAP II - 20 Tubeless, both which come with a built-in tire reamer and tubeless plugs that conveniently (and safely) fit in your jersey pocket, saddle bag, or wherever you choose to store your tool.

You can find the complete selection of latest releases (including our brand-new line of e-bike lights) on our New Products page.

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