Tides: A Sandy Cycling Ode

Lezyne sponsored pro cyclocross racer Andrew Juiliano (Lazer/Voler Pro Cycling)  loves to ride his bike. He also loves to write poetry. Only problem is, people pay more attention to his bike riding than his poetry writing.

Maybe that's because folks are perplexed by a sweaty, 32-year-old man in tights grunting and struggling in circles on the beach. They can’t look away for the same reasons they can’t stop watching #fridayfails. Maybe it’s because he only writes limericks that will get him in trouble if anyone sees them besides his dog....

Regardless, in an attempt to bring some joy to these most topsy turvey of times, he shared his love of sandy cyclocross rides and poetry with the world, writing some publicly consumable verse and disguising it as bicycle beach video. And so may we present Andrew’s attempt to trick you into reading his poetry with your ears…Tides: A Sandy Cycling Ode.  

and Written by @drewliano