Blox 23

Lezyne makes yet another Christmas Gift List….it makes us so proud to see all the fans out there. Lezyne is used alongside the phrase “pure loveliness”. I do agree. Cheers to you.

Bizarrely I always find it slightly difficult to recommend gifts for others or myself at Christmas, especially when they say what Cycle related item it should be. I took a look over the work site and these are my top five, based on pure loveliness and something I’d like to see under the tree.

Italian Racing Cycles looks like a beautiful book and a classic coffee table book even a none cyclist could appreciate, if only for the images. There’s a lovely piece on the book on Pez, which is well worth a read.

Tire Levers

Tyre Levers are one of those items that go pretty well unnoticed until you need to use them. Crap ones fail to get between the hook of the rim and the bead of the tyre. They work on most tyre/rim combinations, and because of their width make leverage a lot easier as they gain more purchase than many others. Available in a few bright colours so you can find them in your bag with the added benefit that you’re unlikely to forget them after a roadside repair.

Castelli Espresso Due Jacket

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these to test. I was just about to write a review of my own up when I read Matt Brett’s review on, after that I thought I’d not bother as he pretty much said everything I could. I thought that I may never truly get a chance to test it but I have managed to stretch the range of use and have found it to be awesome. £230.00 is a lot of cash, but and this is an important but, you are buying into great fabrics and construction from Castelli. Much in the same way as Assos, Castelli has built a reputation on style, longevity and great fit. Having had Castelli jackets before they are go to pieces when the needle drops. If you want a jacket with lots of life and something that will look classic from season to season who can’t go far wrong with this.

Northwave Fahrenheit

Much in the same vein as the Espresso Due Jacket I would expect these shoes to last a long time. As the weather is turning my thoughts are moving towards a fully waterproof boot. Commuting and Riding through winter means that you need to be prepared and there is nothing that shouts this more than Gore-Tex boots. It’s my friend Sean who sings the praises of his Shimano versions that makes me think I should buy a pair of these. The Farenheit shoes aren’t likely to be a normal purchase for many cyclists as they will grab a pair of good overshoes and pair them up with some merino socks and bob’s your uncle. I think that there’s just something that little bit more next level about these boots and because of that they’d make a perfect gift.

Blox 23

If your gift is for the man in your life what better to give him than a new tool. I’ve a small Lezyne one of my saddle bags and everytime I use it I am always impressed. But being small if I got really stuck it just wouldn’t cut the mustard. I really like the look of the Blox 23 as it has all the allen keys you could need, a chain tool and for me, most importantly a Mavic spoke wrench. All Lezyne products are beautifully made, and I’m a sucker for nice design.