Back in April 2016, Lezyne’s Global Sales and Marketing Director Ulrike Prokasky and Art Director Ryan Del Norte headed over to Barcelona, Spain for what they thought was a traditional photo shoot. What they didn’t know though was that anytime Lezyne ambassador’s Cedric Gracia, Danny MacAskill, and Angie Hohenwarter (along with Sebas Romero of Black and Rad Media) are involved, things are far from normal. From their experience there, we have developed our Year 10 Catalogue to be much different from anything we have done in the past.


The Pressure Over Drive has many uses…even inflating Lamborghini tires!




“Being Lezyne’s tenth anniversary, we wanted to do something a little different. Rather than focusing exclusively on product highlights as we have in the past, we decided the Year 10 aesthetic should feature our sponsored athletes,”  says Ryan Del Norte, Art Director. “Sebas Romero’s bold black and white style does a great job of showcasing the character and personality of the athletes.”





For the Year 10 catalog, we wanted to show the athletes as raw and real as possible. With this in mind we shot them in their own clothing and did very little retouching in post production. This made for a clean and organic catalogue. 



Barcelona, Spain was the perfect spot for the photo shoot as it has a variety of different terrain. The mountains surrounding the city provided a great back drop for mountain bike shots with Cedric, while the urban environment was great to showcase our products’ commuting capabilities. 


2016-05-02 Alison Lezyne-2365


Be sure to check out the Year 10 Catalogue (downloadable on our website here)!