Three Lezyne Products win Design & Innovation Awards

Three Lezyne Products win Design & Innovation Awards - Blog Featured

Three Lezyne Products win Design & Innovation Awards

It’s no coincidence that Lezyne rhymes with design. Every accessory, part, gadget and device that we produce is held to a certain standard of elegance and style. In an industry filled with copycats and complacency, we continually strive to not just standout, but to also be a trend leader. This approach is a huge part of what defines Lezyne and it can be seen throughout our entire catalog of products.

Three Lezyne Products win Design & Innovation Awards - Logo

However, aesthetics is just one aspect of what makes a Lezyne product exceptional. It’s important, to say the least, but what we really crave is innovation. No matter how visually stimulating we make something, it still has to maintain a level of superior functionality.

These are the two elements that generate the lifeblood of Lezyne: Innovation and Design. We call this Engineered Design.

Engineered Design is the foundation of every Lezyne product. It represents our development strategies, our identity and our philosophies. Everything we create is held to this standard and is the result of a powerful in-house team of engineers, designers and forward-thinking project leaders. Lezyne is Engineered Design.

Fortunately, this commitment to product development and originality does not go unnoticed. We’re continually honored with glowing reviews, accolades and product shootout victories. Seeing our hard work validated by esteemed publications around the world is truly satisfying.

Our latest achievement was bestowed upon not one—nor two—but three Lezyne products: The Design & Innovation Award 2016. This exclusive award came from deep within the Dolomites and was spearheaded by a collection of 40 prominent industry individuals from 10 different countries. For two weeks this conglomeration of cycling elites tested, debated and contemplated hundreds of submissions from all corners of the bicycle world. And when it was all said and done three of our latest accessories came away with the award: Our Mini GPS cycling computer, Strip Drive taillight and Digital Over Drive floor pump.

Here are a few nice things they had to say about our winners:

Three Lezyne Products win Design & Innovation Awards - Digital Over Drive

Digital Over Drive:
“Lezyne have created a workshop legend.”

“The pump has enough volume to handle the latest plus and fat tires, and its powerful delivery seats tubeless tyres effectively.”

“The highlight is the ABS2 connector chuck, which makes connection to the valve a reliable and trouble-free process”

Three Lezyne Products win Design & Innovation Awards - Mini GPS

Mini GPS
“Its ultra-compact dimensions and super light weight mean you have the freedom to mount the Mini GPS anywhere you want.”

“In combination with a long battery life and a display that clearly presents only the important information, it will be a trusty companion on your adventures.”

Three Lezyne Products win Design & Innovation Awards - Strip Drive

Strip Drive Pro
“The unique aero- and round seatpost-compatible design and integrated cable-free USB charging boost usability.”

“The powerful daytime flash mode could be a potential lifesaver on the roads.”

Check out the full awards features here:

All Winners
Lezyne Mini GPS
Lezyne Digital Over Drive
Lezyne Strip Drive Pro