The Lezyne Mini GPS Has Arrived

The Lezyne Mini GPS Has Arrived

The Lezyne Mini GPS Has Arrived

The wait is over: our Mini GPS is in transit to a shop near you! Check out the list below showing the retailers in the USA and UK that will have the Mini GPS in stock. And more are on the way to the rest of the world! Over the next two weeks Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand and many more will be receiving their shipments. Stay tuned for updated list of shops. If you hurry you’ll be one of the firsts to get your hands on this year’s hottest new product!

Check locations in the United States and the UK here:

Read the GPS FAQ here:

6 thoughts on “The Lezyne Mini GPS Has Arrived

  1. Have been using my lezyne mini gps for just over a month and would advise that it can record a two mile variance on the same 50 mile route. The other day my lazyne mini recorded a average speed of 164 mph, just a few years ago I would have sworn that the average was correct and would have boasted of the 911 I overtook while achieving this average, but really these days anything over 100 mph is out of the question !

    The lezyne mini being small and gps is a novelty but as for being accurate, it’s not.

    1. Hi Tony! The most common cause for varying distances are from starting a ride before satellites are acquired; please check this before starting your ride. Personal GPS devices will be highly influenced by satellite visibility (trees, clouds, buildings, etc) and varying conditions can change ride statistics. This is a common phenomena found at this price point and device size in GPS cycling computers. The error in average speed is not something we have seen in our devices. If we could see the .fit file it would help understand what caused the problem. Hope this helps!

  2. The Mini GPS sounds great, but I wondering when will the Super GPS be available?
    Also wondering what the screen resolution will be for the Super GPS. Your website gives the screen dimensions (30.4 mm x 37.8 mm) but not the number of pixels associated with the respective dimensions.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ray! We will be shipping Super GPS to our distributors in August, please check with your local retailer for availablility. You can also look for a local retailer on our store locator here:

      The screen resolution for Power/Super GPS is 128 x 160 pixels.

  3. I love my Mini GPS and would like to buy a second mount for my other bike. Where can I find one?

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