Taiwan Company News Reports on KTV Launch

A party, a presentation, and how the KTV got its name

Taiwan Company News Reports on KTV Launch

Taiwan Company News Reports on KTV Launch

The successful launch of the KTV went off with a bang in Taiwan, and the media was there to capture it, party and all. The Taiwan Company News reported on the big event, and although the entire thing is printed in Taiwanese, it can be viewed by either clicking the above graphic or below thumbnail. Lezyne’s Sam Chau provided a gist of it right here:

“So the ‘KTV’ name has already raised a lot of questions, so if we wanted to be provocative, it’s working. We also added a lot of interest by doing the KTV launch party. The media has been asking me why it’s named ‘KTV’, we can’t deny it has an innuendo attached to it but here’s what I’m trying to convey:

The KTV light was created to bring a ‘unique personality’ into our LED line, challenging the norm and conventionality of what’s currently in the market. When people think of the word KTV there are all sorts of thoughts and emotions that come up – and having a large operation in Taiwan, we fully understand the various insinuations of this name. There can be a lot of interpretations but in the end it should all conclusively be blissful and happy.

Going to a KTV is like going to a sanctuary – it can be a place to relax, a place to have fun, and a place to celebrate. Similarly, we believe that when one takes their bicycle for a night ride they experience the same emotions. When a consumer purchases this product for their night ride, we hope they can bring this positive energy with them – just be happy.”

Taiwan Company News Reports on KTV Launch
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