Lezyne Goes to Wildflower 2014

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Lezyne Goes to Wildflower 2014 Lezyne will be attending the 32nd Annual Wildflower Triathlon from May 2nd – 4th in Lake San Antonio! The Wildflower Triathlon is a long standing tradition for triathletes to test themselves while having fun at the same time. There will be four different events during the 3-day span of the […]


Lezyne’s Power Drive gets Editors Award at Triathalon Magazine

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91 POINTS! We’re scoring better than a lot of pricey bottles of wine, so go ahead and do yourself the favor: skip those bottles of wine and buy yourself some sweet LUMEN LOVE! It’s a Valentine’s Day FIESTA!

Lezyne snags the “Editor’s Choice” award at Triathalon Magazine. This is exciting stuff…our LED’s are finally getting the recognition deserved, if I might be so blunt.