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Better By Lezyne

Better by Lezyne

Better by Lezyne

Steve Thomas visits the Lezyne factory in Taiwan to get a look at how our high-quality products are made from Micki Kozuschek, the owner of Lezyne. Micki shows Steve around the new, state-of-the-art factory while answering questions about his brand, it’s product, and how he achieves the quality of work that he strives for.

“Back in the spring of 2007 a bold and brave new cycling accessory company launched into what was an already crowded market place. The name of that company was Lezyne; it’s a brand which most of us have now come to know and respect for their high quality and superbly engineered products as for their innovation and common sense approach to those essentials which we use or carry with us on just about every ride.”

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Better By Lezyne

Cedric Gracia Lost in Taiwan

Cedric Gracia Lost in Taiwan!

We are EXCITED to announce the OFFICIAL VIDEO LAUNCH of “Cedric Gracia Lost in Taiwan!” Join us on a journey as Cedric Gracia visits Taiwan for the first time and experiences the unique mountain bike trails that carve through the heart of the bicycle manufacturing industry. Trade shows, chicken feet and 12-kilometer downhill rides had Cedric Gracia Lost in Taiwan. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this journey as it unfolds in front of you.

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Cedric Gracia Lost in Taiwan Teaser

Cedric Gracia Lost in Taiwan TEASER!

Journey through the jungle with Cedric Gracia as he discovers the sights, sounds and tastes of Taiwan. From riding through the mountains with the locals to eating chicken feet at the night market, Cedric had no idea what he was getting himself into. Stay tuned for the full video coming soon!

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