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Bikeradar Lists Lezyne in Friday Five-a-side for Best New Gear

Our LED Lights continue to shine!
Bikeradar Lists Lezyne in Friday Five-a-side for Best New Gear
Deca Drive (Photo: Bikeradar)

Bikeradar Lists Lezyne in Friday Five-a-side for Best New Gear

Every Friday, Bikeradar rounds up the best gear in mountain and road biking. This week, the online cycling publication listed Lezyne amongst Bontrager, Moots, Performance, Reynolds, and more, featuring our Deca Drive, Macro Duo, and KTV line (front, rear and Pro).

“Headlining our recent shipment of test samples is the new Deca Drive with up to 900 (claimed) lumens of output via three LED emitters. Stated run time at the highest setting is a modest 1 1/2 hours (or up to 21 hours on the longest-lasting flashing mode) with convenient recharging via a micro-USB cable in as little as six hours. The Li-ion battery can also be easily swapped out for a fresh pack (optional) if you want to head out for longer rides, too.”

Bikeradar Lists Lezyne in Friday Five-a-side for Best New Gear
Lezyne Macro Duo (Photo: Bikeradar)

“Commuters looking for a convenient helmet-mounted all-in-one combo light can check out the Macro Drive Duo, which features a 400-lumen claimed output up front coupled with a five-lumen red LED out back – all neatly tucked together in the same aluminum case. Cutouts at the front of the body add some side visibility as well. Claimed run is the same 1 1/2 hours as the Deca Drive but in this case, the non-swappable battery will recharge via the built-in micro-USB port in just three hours.”

Bikeradar Lists Lezyne in Friday Five-a-side for Best New Gear
KTV Pro and KTV Front & Rear (Photo: Bikeradar)

“The KTV Drive Pro front-only light is the brightest safety option with 70 claimed lumens, and the clever mounting system can be used on handlebars or clothing. Pop off the rear cap and there’s a USB plug built into the body so you can plug it right into your computer for handy recharging. Claimed run time is one hour at the highest setting or up to six hours in certain flashing modes. Alternatively, the standard KTV – offered in both front and rear varieties – puts out a more modest 15 lumens (claimed) with 180-degree visibility thanks to a curved lens shape. Like the KTV Pro, the standard KTV’s mount can easily be used on seatposts and handlebars or clipped on to clothing, and the built-in USB stick makes for easy recharging. Claimed run time is 4 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours depending on mode.”

Read the entire article here.

Lezyne Macro Drive Duo – LED

The Ultimate Dual Purpose LED Light

Lezyne Macro Drive Duo

Introducing the powerful and versatile Lezyne Macro Drive Duo LED, our first ever dual-purpose helmet mounted LED light.

Weighing in at just 95 grams the CNC machined aluminum Macro Duo features a powerful performance headlight integrated with a single LED rear safety light, for an all in one high visibility light setup.

The macro duo is capable of producing a constant 400 lumens for more than ninety minutes with the powerful blast mode, ensuring that you will be seen and be safe wherever you may ride.

The side visibility design combined with the rear LED allows for 360 degrees of light visibility, all while the intelligent power indicators allow you to monitor battery power levels during use and while recharging.

The macro duo has five light modes in front and three light modes in rear, allowing for fifteen possible light combinations including the 150 lumen flash mode capable of running for more than ten hours, and the bright 200 lumen enduro mode that can run for nearly 4 hours.