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Lezyne Macro Drive 2014

Lezyne Macro Drive 2014

Introducing the all-new lightweight CNC machined Lezyne Macro Drive 2014. Our most powerful snap fit mounted performance light.

Weighing in at just 52 grams, the Macro drive combines precision-machined aluminum with composite matrix technology for a powerful and lightweight design. Capable of producing 400 lumens for more than ninety minutes with the Overdrive Race mode.

Complete with six light modes, the Macro drive headlight produces a steady 400 lumen output for more than ninety minutes with the powerful overdrive mode. It’s side visibility design allows for 180 degrees of light visibility, ensuring that you will be seen and be safe wherever you may ride.

The Macro Drive also features the ultra long lasting flash mode, capable of producing 150 lumens for nearly 11 hours. The intelligent power indicators allow you to monitor battery power levels during use and while recharging.

Macro Drive LED Review by Road.cc

Lezyne Macro Drive by Road.cc

Picture courtesy of Road.cc

Road.cc recently reviewed our Macro Drive LED light and impressed the critics on its road and country capabilities.

“Performance out on the road is pretty impressive, better than I expected to be perfectly honest as the single LED chucks out a good spread of light. On unlit country lanes you get a decent amount of light from the front of your tyre which then increases in intensity right up to the main spot, a good ten to twelve feet ahead depending on how you’ve got it set up on the bars obviously.”

The final verdict? A 4-out-of-5 star rating with the nod of “top performing city commuter light with a beam capable of lighting up the country lanes for a good price!”

Check out the full review here.

Lezyne Gets Big Praise from Women’s Cycling Magazine

Lezyne Gets Big Praise from Women’s Cycling Magazine

Lezyne LED lights got some big recognition from Women’s Cycling magazine in the UK, naming our Macro Drive Front the ‘Best Road Light,’ our Femto Drive the ‘Best Emergency Light,’ and our Micro Drive Rear the ‘Best Rear Light.’ Not to mention a good review of our Zecto Drive LED Pair. 

With a spate of cycling deaths on the London streets, we remind everyone to please be safe when cycling in any setting.

Lezyne Macro Drive

The Lezyne Macro Drive

“This is a great light. It has clean lines. It’s plenty bright. I recommend it highly.

 The dimensions (length about the same as a crispy chocolate & rice bar, or 1020000000 angstrom), weight (4 grams more than two bars), and candle power (far more birthdays than I’ll ever see) all fall within acceptable parameters. Useful details, should you require actual hard data despite my unreserved recommendation, can be found on the full road.cc review. The purpose of my writeup is to provide supplementary information.”

The full article/review is located HERE.

Macro Drive Review by RCUK

Macro Drive Review by RCUK

Macro Drive Review by RCUK

“The Lezyne Macro Drive is the bigger, brighter brother of the Micro Drive.

The body is a longer version of the neat, CNC machined aluminium cylinder we first encountered on the aforesaid Micro Drive. Further similarities include the Maximum Optical Reflection (MOR) lens, intended to produce a beam that is wide, smooth, and bright, an LED, and a button mounted on top of the cylinder that changes colour to indicate the remaining charge.”