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Lezyne Bolsters International Sales Staff

Lezyne Bolsters International Sales Staff

Lezyne Bolsters International Sales Staff

Every year brings on new exciting challenges here at Lezyne, and every year we hit new milestones as we continue to expand around the world.

Currently, our global sales and marketing team is in Taiwan preparing for the upcoming 2016 Taipei Cycle Show, which takes place March 2nd – 5th. Preceding the show, we welcome our global distributors to our Taichung based manufacturing facility to proudly present our YEAR 10 product line.

We are also proud to announce some new additions and restructurings to our US and international sales teams:

Brian Billington (Right) took over the role as Pacific Oceanic Sales Manager. In his new role, Brian will be handling South America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and our USA distributors. Furthermore, he will oversee the Asian markets together with our new Asia Sales Manager, Eric Chiang (2nd from right).

In Europe, and working closely with our longtime European Sales and Marketing Manager Alex Mai (2nd from Left), joins Arnaud Berg (Left). Arnaud will assume the role as our new Junior European Sales and Marketing Manager.

Brad Buxton (not pictured) has been promoted internally to USA Inside Sales Manager. He will lead our San Luis Obispo-based customer service and warranty departments, US warehouse and our USA sales reps.

Ulrike Prokasky (Center) will maintain her role as Global Sales and Marketing Director. “We are extremely excited about our new hires and the promotions from within!” Ulrike exclaimed. “Lezyne continues to grow globally and our newly expanded sales force will keep us heading the right direction.”

For more information please contact Uli Prokasky.

Better By Lezyne

Better by Lezyne

Better by Lezyne

Steve Thomas visits the Lezyne factory in Taiwan to get a look at how our high-quality products are made from Micki Kozuschek, the owner of Lezyne. Micki shows Steve around the new, state-of-the-art factory while answering questions about his brand, it’s product, and how he achieves the quality of work that he strives for.

“Back in the spring of 2007 a bold and brave new cycling accessory company launched into what was an already crowded market place. The name of that company was Lezyne; it’s a brand which most of us have now come to know and respect for their high quality and superbly engineered products as for their innovation and common sense approach to those essentials which we use or carry with us on just about every ride.”

To view the full article, click on the picture below.
Better By Lezyne

Enduro MTB Visits Lezyne California Headquarters

Enduro MTB Visits Lezynes California Headquarters
Enduro MTB Visits Lezynes California Headquarters

Enduro MTB Visits Lezynes California Headquarters

Our friends at Enduro Mountainbike Magazine came to visit our sunny, California headquarters earlier this year! They got a first hand look at our clean, hardworking environment and were shown the best time possible. Enduro got a whole new look at how Lezyne works by seeing our marketing, sales, and R&D working in house.

“Lezyne was started on principles of creating good looking, sharp, and classy products that perform exceedingly well. Lezyne does all of it’s design and testing in house. Sure, they also have phenomenal riding right out the door in gorgeous San Luis Obispo. They also sponsor top name riders like Cedric Gracia, Angie Hohenwarter, and Danny MacAskill.”

We hope that the guys at Enduro can come back for another visit! To read the full article and to see the rest of the pictures taken in our California headquarters, click here.

Lezyne Team Finds a Tiny Tradition

Boxes sunflair

A Band of Brothers Unloading a Box

Lezyne team finds a tiny tradition when the time comes for Lezyne’s US warehouse to replenish its premium product reserves, it calls on a massive shipment straight from its manufacturing headquarters in Taiwan. Filled from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with fresh off-the-line goodies, peeling back the door to this massive inventory cache would seem to be an insurmountable task to a solitary one-man shipping department.

Such a task has been known to occupy the majority of a workweek to unload, log and compile all products into the warehouse. But here at Lezyne, employees rarely find that their day-to-day activities reflect that of their current position or title. In order to align with the style of this company, an employee must not only be a jack-of-all-trades but must also live to embrace the random.

Which is why every somber Friday morning, espresso in hand, a mess of Lezyne team members swarm the newfound product shipment to tackle the unload job in record time. While this seems like a common occurrence to some, it is quite rare to see such specialists in their specific departments band together on a single project.


Engineers, salesmen, graphic designers and marketers come together to unload their own livelihood out of a metal box, onto and shelf, and soon into the passionate hands of their customers. In what has become a microcosmic tradition, the Lezyne team pools its resources and discovers that what had previously taken days to accomplish, could be swiftly executed in less than one hour.
IMG_6138 copy
The events that unfold on a foggy Friday morning can be seen as yet another example of how Lezyne is constantly striving to become hyper-efficient and relentlessly cost-effective; a trademark characteristic that results in the highest quality and most affordable premium bike accessories on the market. Next time you see a semi truck barreling down the road loaded with unmarked consumer goods, think twice and see that perhaps this hollow hunk of metal might mean a whole lot more to a motley team of bike enthusiasts.

Lezyne Welcomes African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team

Lezyne Welcomes African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team

Lezyne Welcomes African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team

Lezyne would like to welcome the African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team to our team!

In just 2 years, Melbourne-based African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team (AWSCT) has grown from a concept to one of the best equipped and performing cycling teams in Australia’s domestic competition. AWSCT is taking on the full National Road Series (NRS) calendar and selected UCI events as the team is newly registered as a UCI Continental Team for 2014. AWSCT is the only Australian team to make the step up to UCI Continental ranks this year. Driven by a charter to develop young riders and to contribute to society beyond racing, Scar Racing, the management behind AWSCT believe 2014 will provide opportunities to achieve this with a larger racing calendar, with a strengthened and growing roster and new committed international industry partners.

AWS Cycling Team will be riding with Lezyne bottle cages, multi-tools, and other Lezyne accessories. Check out their Facebook page and Lezyne page for more information on the team!

New Lezyne Website!


New Lezyne Website

We here at Lezyne are proud to announce the launch of our newly designed corporate website! This new design not only gives us a bolder, fresher and overall sexier look, but also provides a clearer, faster user experience as well as scalability for a wide variety of viewing platforms from desktop to laptop computers and mobile devices.

The new Lezyne website homepage will allow us to highlight top news and happenings at Lezyne, whether it be for new product launches, events, high-profile reviews or accomplishments of our sponsored riders and teams to keep every visitor more immediately in-the-know and suggest a path of navigation throughout the site. Product categories in the main dropdown menu lead users to a more accessible, full display of their respective products, and each product and athlete page is revamped for more interactive media galleries for videos, reviews and photos. For riders who aren’t sure exactly what product or products will fit their needs, our buyer’s guide is now fully loaded with colorful graphics and a clear path to the right items. Browse our Google-map based Pro Shop locator to find a store near you that stocks Lezyne products, connect with us and explore our ever-growing social media presence, download PDF product manuals and catalogues, easily compare our LED lights with those from our direct competitors and get a closer look at the always-improving, cutting-edge technology that makes our incredible products stand out the way they do in today’s competitive market.

An announcement of our new and improved Lezyne website would not be complete without a mention of our blog, which has also gone through its own transformation to match the aforementioned improvements. Our blog not only got a visual upgrade, but all posts appear in a more streamlined, organized format that, like its website counterpart, is also responsive to all screen sizes. Viewers can now easily subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest on everything Lezyne.

Lezyne Goes to Wildflower 2014

Lezyne Goes to Wildflower 2014

Lezyne Goes to Wildflower 2014

Lezyne will be attending the 32nd Annual Wildflower Triathlon from May 2nd – 4th in Lake San Antonio! The Wildflower Triathlon is a long standing tradition for triathletes to test themselves while having fun at the same time.

There will be four different events during the 3-day span of the event: WF2 (the ultimate wildflower challenge), Long Course Triathlon, Olympic Distance Triathlon, and Mountain Bike Triathlon. There still could be time to register, so don’t forget to visit their website for all the details. We hope to see you there and help us cheer on these amazing athletes!