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Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection

2016-05-02 Alison Lezyne-23651
Commuting is one of the many functions of our LED lights (Photo: Sebas)

5 Years of Innovation

For the past ten years, Lezyne has been the pioneer for quality cycling accessories, with one of our specialties being LED bicycle lights. Since our first LED release five years ago, we have continued to push the limits on lumen output, battery life, and visibility; and Year 10 is no different. Still packed with innovative technologies—like MOR Lenses, Constant Lumens, weather resistance, and sleek CNC-machined aluminum bodies—our team of in-house engineers continue to push the boundaries of LED technology. Verified in our integrating sphere, our claimed lumens and runtime are accurate and consistent. Whether you’re commuting to work, shredding your local rock garden, or anything in-between, we have a light that’s right for YOU!

The Super Drive 1250XXL likes to play in the dark.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Super Drive Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Super Drive Mounted

For Year 10, we took our night-riding powerhouse the Super Drive and added 50 lumens to its max output along with increased run times in every mode. Even with these updates, we still kept all of the proven features (CNC aluminum, enhanced programming and modes, and rugged mount) that set the Super apart from the competition. When the sun sets, grab your Super Drive and head out on your favorite ride.

Get lost with the Power Drive 1100XL.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Power Drive 1-LED-5-V506-PowerDrive1100XL_Polish-mounted

One of the most exciting LED updates for this year is the revamp of our Power Drive model. The Power Drive packs an incredible 1100 lumen max output into an extremely compact, CNC aluminum design. Pair this with the innovative handlebar strap that fits both round and aero bars and the Power Drive makes a great choice for any application.

The Macro Drive 800XL is stunning day or night.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Macro Drive Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Macro Mounted

Another update for Year 10 is a revision of our award-winning Macro Drive. Expanding on one of our most popular lights, we kept the versatile strap mount and CNC aluminum construction but added an extra 200 lumens to the max output along with increasing the run times in both Enduro and Economy modes.

Micro Drive 450XL: small but powerful.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Micro Drive Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Micro Drive Mounted

Small enough to throw in a jersey pocket or commuter bag, the Micro Drive is big on style and bigger on visibility. This year, we kept the compact design and light weight of the old Micro Drive, added 50 lumens to its max output, making it a great commuting option or getting lost at sunset.

Be a confident commuter with the Hecto Drive 350XL.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Hecto Drive 1-LED-9F-V306-HectoDrive350XL_Polish-mounted

Another ultra-compact light in our line that we have updated for Year 10 is the Hecto Drive. We kept its simple, water-resistant, cable-free charging system and added 50 more lumens to its max output. Along with output increases, the Hecto Drive now has even longer run time in three of its seven modes.

Be seen from all angles with the KTV Drive Pair.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - KTV Drive
The KTV Pair is Available in Blue, Red, White, and Black

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - KTV Drive Mounted

Perfectly suited for your next commute, the KTV Drive Pair (front and rear) offers high visibility in a small, lightweight package. For the new model we have a completely new design providing multiple mounting options, but kept it super-lightweight with cable-free.

Add visibility with the Femto Duo.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Femto Drive Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Femto Drive Mounted

A new addition to our line for Year 10 is the Femto Duo. The Duo is a two-in-one (front and rear combo) safety light integrated into a versatile helmet mount. The LED’s are housed in a lightweight and durable machined aluminum body. The high-grade poly-carbonate lenses provide side visibility and double as the power button, making the Femto Duo extremely simple and compact.

Introducing The New Year 10 LED Collection - Cedric
Cedric Gracia charging a descent with his favorite light (Photo: Sebas)

Along with our LED lights, we are excited to be launching many other new products (some which have already gone live here); so make sure to stay tuned for that. To be the first to know about new products, subscribe to our newsletter here, blog (enter your email to the left), and follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SnapChat).

New Enhanced Year 9 LED Collection - Featured

New Enhanced Year 9 LED Collection

New Enhanced Year 9 LED Collection

New Enhanced Year 9 LED Collection

Enhanced and expanded, our Year 9 collection continues to lead the industry in bike lighting and visibility. Armed with the latest LED technology and advanced batteries, our mid- to top-end lights see a significant increase in lumen output and battery life. Furthermore, their design aesthetics have been fine-tuned and enhanced to complement these upgrades.

Continuing in Y9, our LEDs still feature many innovative technologies that have been developed in-house by our team of dedicated engineers—like MOR Lenses, Constant Lumens and sleek CNC-machined aluminum bodies. And we continue to test each model in an integrating sphere to verify and prove our stated lumen output, consistency and runtime. Whether ripping down a dark singletrack late at night, or spinning to the café for a midday espresso, our state-of-the-art lights provide superior performance, versatility and visibility for riders of all types.

View the Lezyne LED collection at www.lezyne.com/products-led.php

Lezyne LED Light Performance in the Real World

Lezyne LED Light Performance in the Real World

Lezyne LED Light Performance in the Real World

So what does real world LED lumen look like?

We’ve just completed a simple guide that walks you through our LED line and provides a look at how our LED lights actually perform in the real world. From our 250 lumen Micro Drive up to our 1400 lumen Mega Drive you can now quickly and easily compare our models and chose the light that’s best for you. Click here to down load our LED beam pattern comparison.

Lezyne LED Light Performance in the Real World  Mega - Drive Example

So how do we actually determine the true lumen output of our lights? We measure with the industry standard measuring tool, an Integrated Lumen Sphere. Check the video below to watch how we test all of our lights.

Macro Drive Review by RCUK

Macro Drive Review by RCUK

Macro Drive Review by RCUK

“The Lezyne Macro Drive is the bigger, brighter brother of the Micro Drive.

The body is a longer version of the neat, CNC machined aluminium cylinder we first encountered on the aforesaid Micro Drive. Further similarities include the Maximum Optical Reflection (MOR) lens, intended to produce a beam that is wide, smooth, and bright, an LED, and a button mounted on top of the cylinder that changes colour to indicate the remaining charge.”


RCUK’s First Impressions of Micro Drive LEDs

RCUK's first impressions of Micro Drive LEDs

RCUK’s first impressions of Micro Drive LEDs

Road Cycling UK recently got a hold of our Micro Drive Front and Micro Drive Rear LED lights. Here is a little of what they thought about our dynamic duo:

“At the front the CNC machined aluminium bodied LED light pumps out and impressive 150 lumens in Blast mode for two hours, enough for a good early evening training ride, or long commute in and out of work… Early usage of the Micro Drives has delivered good performance. The button is easy to feel with gloved hands, and the modes offer a good range of alternatives for a variety of situations and daylight levels.” – RCUK.com

To read the full edit, follow this link.>>

Lezyne Looking to Expand Distribution Following Eurobike

Lezyne Looking to Expand Distribution Following Eurobike

San Luis Obispo, CA – With the 2012 Eurobike tradeshow only a week away, Lezyne is finalizing preparations for the debute of the Year 6 (2013) product line, which includes the previously announced all-new LED Light line. Lezyne is also looking to expand its market reach at the show. “Lezyne products are sold worldwide in every major market, but there are still markets in which we do not have a presence,” says Ulrike Schlifske, Lezyne’s Global Sales Coordinator. “At Eurobike and Interbike, we hope to find new partners in these untouched markets.”

For those vendors interested in joining Lezyne’s international distribution team, please contact Mrs. Schlifske at sales@lezyne.com to arrange an appointment at Eurobike.

Lezyne will be at Eurobike booth B3-107.

For more information about Lezyne, visit our website www.lezyne.com or follow up on facebook and YouTube.


LED Helmet Mount Finalized and Available Next Month and Super Drive Review

helmet mount

San Luis Obispo, CA – Lezyne LED users will be happy to hear the Lezyne LED helmet mount will be available next month. Production of the long awaited mount began this month and the first round of mounts have already shipped to Lezyne distributors worldwide. Available to the public early February. The helmet mount is made of a stamped and machined aluminum base and compression ring with a Composite Matrix spherical pivot cradle that holds the LED light. A long Velcro strap attaches the mount to the helmet and a rubber pad on the underside of the mount provides grip. The spherical pivot allows the user to adjust the position of the light in all directions.

The mount is compatible with all Lezyne LED lights and will retail for $19.99. Look for these in your local shop next month!

helmet mount

road helmet

close up helmet

nmountain helmet

MTBR.com Releases In-depth Review of Super Drive LED

To add to the LED news, the guys of MTBR.com have released an in-depth, 2-page review of the Super Drive LED. Here is what Francis of MTBR.com had to say about the Super Drive LED:

“[The Super Drive] is a ground breaking new light from a new light company.  They could sell a few of these lights at $250 so we suspect they will sell a lot at the $110 price. It is a great beam pattern that accomplishes a flood and a decent spot at the same time. And the real bonus is if you want it brighter, buy two. If you want more run time, buy more Lezyne batteries.”

“The Lezyne Super Drive is not the brightest but it is the most compelling because of its quality and $110 price. We also want to note its honesty in reporting.  Claiming 450 lumens for a measured output of 421 lumens is one of the most honest we’ve seen to date as the industry usually 30% off.

Follow this link to read the full review >>

LED TECH Page to be Launched

LED Tech Page

To help consumers learn more about the new LED lights, Lezyne will be launching a new LED Tech Page on our website later this month.  It will contain useful information about LED lighting, in general, as well as in–depth details and FAQs about our lights. Check our Engineered Design page for updates and more Lezyne Tech