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Jordi Bago Visits Bulgaria for some Epic Enduro Riding

Enduro Mountainbike Magazine catches up with Jordi to hear more of his Pamporovo adventure

Jordi Bago Visits Bulgaria for some Epic Enduro Riding

Lezyne sponsored rider Jordi Bago took quite the trip to Pamporovo in southern Bulgaria to explore and ride some of the great terrain for enduro riding there, with his new Saracen Ariel 15x bike. Velo Park Pamporovo was his destination, and it looks like it was nothing short of extraordinary.

“We rode with a new friend, one of the best enduro riders from Bulgaria, Dobrimir from Bike Venture. We checked our bikes and got ready to ride the Red line – Malina trail.

“We came up with the lift to the top of the mountain for take the first enduro trail here in Pamporovo with lot of roots and wet zones! There was some step rock gardens that tested our skills, after that is a really flowy part with turns on really nice wood berms with a good view. We cross a fire road and keep riding the trail to a flat part with many lines to get to the low part of the ski station. We get ready for the upcoming fast zone with many natural berms and some rocks that will take us down to some really fast jumps till we get down to lift area! We take the same lift up to go take some other trails in the red line with some little wall rides and jumps!”

Read the entire account right here!

Jordi Bago Downhill Training Camp

Jordi offers Downhill Training camp June 28th – 29th

Jodi Bago Downhill Training Camp

Jordi Bago Downhill Training Camp

Jordi Bago recently returned from a collarbone injury to compete for the Bike Cup 2014 uci C1 race in Bulgaria! Finishing a promising 11th place was a good sign at his recovery, we know he wants to get the most that he can from every race!

Jordi has also decided to put on 2 days of training camps! The Downhill Training camp, hosted by Jordi and Bike House, will be available to 15 riders per day and will be happening June 28th – June 29th. We commend Jordi for wanting to help some fellow riders improve their races by teaching them the ways of how to be an expert downhill rider!

Also, check out this video of Jordi on one of his test runs of the Velo Park Pamporovo, from his point of view.