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Lezyne Partners with Danny MacAskill’s Drop and Roll Tour

Lezyne Partners with Danny MacAskill's Drop and Roll Tour

Lezyne Partners with Danny MacAskill’s Drop and Roll Tour

As we all know by now, Danny MacAskill has been dazzling crowds all over the world as a professional trials rider ever since his breakthrough 5:30 minute YouTube video in 2009 when he was 23 years old. As of today, that video has garnered more than 34 million views. Since then, the Scottish rider, born in the Isle of Skye, has become a household name with features in publications such as the New York Times and numerous award nominations. And to think…he started off as a bicycle mechanic. We’re all fairly familiar with his ridiculously impressive and awe-inspiring YouTube videos that either keep us at the edges of our seats or captivated with wild amusement and even a sense of nostalgia, and last year Danny took it up a notch with the introduction of his street trials team, the Drop and Roll Tour. Made up of Duncan Shaw, Fabio Wibmer, Ali C and of course, Danny MacAskill, the team rocked crowds all over Europe, starting with their first show in Baden, Switzerland in June of 2014. The tour went on to stop at the Quay Commonwealth Games Festival in Glasgow, The Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in Beauly (Inverness-shire), the Red Bull Air Race in Royal Ascot and Eurobike in Germany. As a sponsor of Danny MacAskill, Lezyne is proud to expand as a partner to the Drop and Roll Tour and will build and name a “Bunny Hop Contest” featuring an obstacle built of Lezyne Floor Pumps. Stay tuned, this team is going places!

View more about the Drop and Roll Tour at Lezyne’s team page here.

Danny MacAskill Nails Giant Loop in Front of London Eye

Danny MacAskill Nails Giant Loop in Front of London Eye

Danny MacAskill Nails Giant Loop in Front of London Eye

Sponsored rider and world-renowned trials cyclist Danny MacAskill never slows down, does he? This time he’s conquered a new claim to fame, successfully riding a five-metre loop-the-loop on top of a barge in the Thames river in front of the London Eye. Thousands of fans showed up to watch this incredible feat go down on one of the world’s largest loop-the-loops ever cycled. Danny touts his new Cortana, a new personal digital assistant, which is represented by its illuminated signature halo circling the loop.

View more amazing photos here and read more about Danny’s partnership with Cortana.

Danny MacAskill - The Ridge

Danny MacAskill Rides The Ridge

Danny MacAskill Rides The Ridge

Danny MacAskill never disappoints. The impressively-skilled freestyle rider traded in his usual trials bike for a full-suspension mountain bike and joined his film crew on a challenging ten-day adventure for his latest video located in the Black Cuillin mountain ranges in Scotland’s Isle of Skye. The team endured grueling treks over some rather epic terrain to capture the perfect shots, but as he does with all of his videos, Danny conquers his home country’s craggy peaks with such a finesse that makes such a feat look easy. Or maybe not…you decide. Check out his newest documentary above, titled ‘Riding the Ridge.’

Read more about this adventure that “took Danny MacAskill truly out of his comfort zone” here!

Danny MacAskill Gets Some Action at the Playboy Mansion

Danny MacAskill Gets Some Action at the Playboy Mansion
Image © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

Danny MacAskill Gets Some Action at the Playboy Mansion

The famous Playboy Mansion got a visit from our sponsored rider Danny MacAskill recently, giving cycling fans (amongst others) a glimpse of the notorious landmark in a whole different light. Who knew the place could also be a playground for freestyle cycling? Watch Danny do what he does best, with the admiration of a few Bunnies who are cheering him on…

Read the entire article and exclusive interview by Red Bull here.

Danny MacAskill in Taiwan – Powered by Lezyne

We are always humbled every time we watch Lezyne Ambassador and Scottish bike trials legend Danny MacAskill ride in his unassuming yet explosive way! Danny makes everything look easy, especially in this new video that celebrates two more fruitful years of friendship and seriously epic bike trials riding. Danny takes riding to an amazing level, post injuries, and it looks like there is no stopping him in this showcase of talent, skill, and love for the sport. Lezyne was there to document his memorable trip.

In “Danny MacAskill in Taiwan – powered by Lezyne”, this brilliant rider explores beautiful Taiwan’s parks and streets, enjoying a cultural experience that enables him to play around with his trials riding style on new and interesting landscapes of old and new.

This new video shows Danny in his first ever trip to Taiwan. “Taichung is a really cool city. The architecture here is pretty amazing, every single park…Just built to be interesting!” Just under 5 minutes, this new video features something that is hard to believe, considering the level of riding he does – Danny looks like he is getting even better every time!

We never get tired of watching him ride…Now it’s your turn to be amazed. We hope you like the result of weeks of planning, scouting for locations, and basically just having fun with the genius that is Danny MacAskill… Enjoy the new video, and don’t forget to share your reactions/comments here!

Lezyne Launches New MacAskill Signature Products

San Luis Obispo, CA – Lezyne is proud to announce it will continue it’s cooperation with Danny MacAskill for another two years. To commemorate the renewed relationship, Lezyne is excited to launch the new MacAskill Signature products: The MacAskill Block tool and MacAskill Travel Drive pump. 

Lezyne met with Danny at this year’s Eurobike Expo, where talk of a signature line started. “When we met, we knew we wanted to continue our relationship with Danny. Its been a great year working with him and we are excited to be signed on for another 2-years. We also wanted to do something special with Danny by making something that meets his needs as a pro athlete.” says Patrick Ribera-McKay, Lezyne’s Marketing Manager. 

In no time, ideas on paper turned in to real products tailored for Danny, and the rider-mechanic in all of us. The result is a tool and travel pump that are equally suited for use on the bike at home or on the road, easy to carry, with the quality, durability, and style of Lezyne’s Shop Tools. In fact, that quality and stylish design are the main reasons why the Scottish YouTube sensation chose to enter into a partnership with Lezyne.

MacAskill and Lezyne started their cooperation earlier this year and so far both sides have benefited from this decision. The YouTube project ‘Danny MacAskill Insights,’ already past the one million views benchmark, shows the star athlete returning home to Edinburgh, where he visited his roots and tried out his Lezyne equipment for the first time. (The link to the clip). Lezyne also worked with Danny over the summer, where Danny took part in a bike mechanic workshop at a trial youth camp. Lezyne supported this event with a screwdriver workshop, where they taught kids how to utilize a bike multi-tool. You’ll find the video HERE.

The MacAskill Series will be available in stores starting February 2013.

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