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Worrack Wins 1st UCI Stage of 2012 for Lululemon

February 2nd, Doha, Qatar – Trixi Worrack took the first UCI Stage win for 2012 for Specialized-lululemon on Thursday, winning the second stage of Tour of Qatar from a two person break.


Worrack, who also made the break of the day on Wednesday in Stage One, was able to make the break again in the famous cross-winds that make the Tour of Qatar what it is.

“I’m really happy with the way the team raced today,” said Team Director Jens Zemke. “Yesterday we had three in the break but made some tactical errors, but today they made up for it.”

The Specialized-lululemon women along with the Green Edge team forced the race into the gutter from the stage start with the winning break escaping from the front group with 15km remaining in the race. Worrack and Judith Arndt went away with Adrie Visser and Kirsten Wild but were able to drop them with 12km to go and arrive at thefinish line for a two-up spring. Worrack won from Arndt and now sits in second place overall behind Arndt with one stage remaining.


“I’m really happy to win a stage here in my first race with Specialized-lululemon,” said Worrack. “It’s hard and fun racing here and we’re really enjoying racing together.”

Worrack’s team-mate, Chloe Hosking wears the Best Young Rider’s jersey and Specialized-lululemon leads the team classification.

Specialzed lululemon’s Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney Winning!!

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney

(Chloe on the left, and Loren on the right.)

Specialzed lululemon’s Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney Winning!!

Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney are 2 for 2 in the Bay Thriller in Australia!

Lezyne sponsored Specialized lululemon riders Chloe Hosking wins day 1 of Bay Thriller and Loren Rowney takes the victory in day 2! This only seems fitting that they are crushing this Australian event as both girls are originally from Australia. Chloe is from Canberra and Loren is from Queensland.

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney

In an interview with Chloe after the race, she stated: ”I love racing like that,” (speaking of the attack-filled race) she said. ”I don’t really like just sitting in and then sprinting. For me it was really exciting to go out there and show what women’s racing can be like. There has just been some really negative things said in the press lately about how women’s racing is boring and how we don’t deserve a minimum salary.”

When the Herald put it to Hosking that women’s cycling lacked support from the very top of the sport’s administration, she replied: ”What can be said? Pat McQuaid’s a dick.

Read more here.

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney

Specialized-lulemon’s newest recruit Loren Rowney, took all of two days to win her first race of the season. Following her team-mate Chloe Hosking’s lead, Rowney took out a round of the Jayco Bay Series in Geelong on Monday, making it two out of two for the Specialized-lululemon duo. Rowney, who worked tirelessly for Hosking’s win on day one, was merely following instructions when she put herself in the break of the day. “Chloe and I had talked this morning with our Total Rush teammates and she said ‘whatever happens, someone from our team needs to be in every break,'” said Rowney. “I saw a break go with none of us in it and knew I had to get across.”

Rowney then had to play a smart game to outsmart the strong Green Edge riders. When Amanda Spratt went on the late attack out of the break, Loren covered her and was able to go past her for the win. “Loren was so strong today,” said Hosking. “She’s amazing and she rode the perfect race. We’re really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen tomorrow. Hosking now leads the series by only one point with two stages remaining.

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney