At Lezyne, we want to put an end to everything that gets in the way of a perfect ride. By designing, engineering, manufacturing and assembling our products in-house, we’re able to treat accessories as components rather than simply re-branding cheaply molded, off the shelf products. Our pumps are no exception to this philosophy and have been the best on the market since their inception. From the high value Macro Floor Drive all the way to our top-of-the-line CNC Digital Drive, we always set out to create tools to help achieve the perfect ride. Scroll down to see what makes our pumps better than anything else on the market:


CNC Floor Drives on the factory floor

No Corners Cut:
We have the best engineering and source the finest materials.


Pressure Overdrives ready to leave the factory

Highest Quality:
Our machined steel and aluminum barrels and CNC machined aluminum or varnished wood handles are exceptionally durable and the most stylish.


Quality control testing at the factory

100% Quality Control:
Every pump is tested before it’s shipped.


On the assembly line at the Lezyne factory

Optimized Barrel Size:
Designing pumps for high pressure or high volume makes tire inflation faster and easier.


Digital Gauge on a limited edition Lotto-Soudal CNC Digital Drive

Digital Gauges:
The most accurate way to maintain consistent tire pressure day after day.


Tall Versions:
A longer piston and taller handle create more airflow while preventing taller riders from having to hunch over, preventing unnecessary back stress.
-Pumps available in tall: Sport Floor Drive, Steel Floor Drive, Alloy Floor Drive


Each pump is hand-assembled for greater precision and quality control.

Serviceable And Rebuildable:
Unlike our competitors, you don’t need to buy a new pump if it only needs a small part or a good cleaning. We also offer full rebuild kits.


Threaded Construction:
The threaded construction of our pumps is more durable than other common means of manufacturing. It also makes it simple and easy to clean internals, replace parts or upgrade gauges and barrels.


Gauge Upgrades:
Easy-to-read digital gauge upgrades available.


Integrated Valve Core Remover In ABS1 Pro chuck:
Super convenient integration eliminates carrying extra, small tools you might lose.


Thread-On Chuck:
We pioneered the thread-on chuck type which creates the most secure connection of any pump on the market. This ensures that our pumps are easy to use while maintaining accurate pressure readings and efficient tire inflation. Our thread-on chucks are also designed to last longer by virtually eliminating all o-ring wear.


Hoses and Chucks being tested at the factory

Patented ABS Button:
Air Bleed System (ABS) button releases pressure from the hose to easily unthread from Presta valves and adjusts tire pressure on Schrader valves.


Longer Hoses:
No fuss, no strain and you can pressure a tire while your bike is in the work stand.