Special Edition Super GPS And New GPS Features

Special Edition Super GPS


As our GPS platform continues to evolve, we wanted to offer a level of exclusivity to celebrate our latest milestone.
A limited run of new colors are being offered worldwide featuring the latest evolution of our GPS firmware.


New GPS Features:

You asked, we delivered. An all new firmware update is available for our Year 10 GPS units! Click here to update your GPS
Take a look a the new updates and features, which offer added versatility and connectivity for our Y10 GPS devices:


Data Fields R1

Program your GPS to display up to EIGHT data fields on one screen across
five pages (Super and Macro GPS only) in increments of 1, from 2 to 8 fields.

Number fonts have been fine-tuned to be more clear. Text is reduced and replaced with internationally recognized icons. New layout for all fields that increases clarity.

When turned on, and paired with a smartphone, rides will be automatically uploaded after saving a ride.

On the breadcrumb page, a new zoom feature allows users to zoom in or out on the current ride breadcrumb trail.

New field shows GPS signal strength and remaining battery level.


Update your Ally v2 app > Select “Create Route” > Pick a starting point > Tap the map to add waypoints > Select save and name the route. Hit “Go” to start navigation.





Update your GPS

Y10 GPS devices

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75 thoughts on “Special Edition Super GPS And New GPS Features

  1. Two things:
    1. Please can you include the option to scroll through a message received on your phone and displayed on the gps device.

    2. Please can you produce a forward mount to fit over sized handle bars such as those found in gravel bikes – 35mm.

    1. Hi James, thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass that along to our R&D department.
      One option is to change the notification font to small. This *significantly* increases the amount of the message that is visible. This can be done from the app: “General Setup”-> “Screen” -> “Notifications”
      From the GPS: Menu-> “Screen” -> “Notifications”

      As far as the forward mount, stay tuned, we are currently working on a new one that will fit your specifications.

    1. Due to people possibly being charged for SMS messages and the possibility for abuse, we will not be adding this feature.

      1. SMS should be the default notification method. If someone feels like it is being “abused” (?) then they can use e-mail.

    2. Hey Matt Q,

      This might help…

      I discovered that the URL for the tracker is always constant. So, I copied it from the browser, pasted into the text app and send it to whoever needs to see where I am.


      On my wife’s phone, we just created a bookmark on the home screen, so it is always there at the click of a link.


    3. I wanted to get my girlfriend texts as well because she doesn’t look at email as often. Every cell phone should have a corresponding “email address”. I had her send a text to my email address so that I could find out where to “text”. Try this. It has been working well for us.

  2. After researching all of the big name GPS units on the market and looking at what features I really needed I went with the Lezene Enhanced Super GPS because it met all my needs at a quarter the cost of other models. I am ecstatic with the performance, functionality and constant software improvements you guys make to the device and will be staying with the Lezyne brand in the future.

  3. Is there a way where you can know which junction to take when there are two junctions close together? Btw, nice update and keep up the good work!

    1. The navigation engine we developed is under constant review and improvement. We always strive to make navigation as clear as possible and it will continue to improve.

      1. I have not updated yet, but it looks good, and I love the product and recommend it to people.
        I do agree with Ahmed’s comment that it can be a little confusing when junctions are closer together though. The other comment is that if I am coming up to a roundabout it would be good to know which turning to take in advance as currently it does not tell me until I am on it, and roundabouts are All about thinking ahead!
        But these are still niggles and would but it again – it has just taken me around Holland with no problems at all. Last time was a disaster with Google Maps!!

  4. Hi, good update, i have a Super gps 2017. Using it for 9 months. Can’t find the new DATA FIELD remaining battery runtime.

    1. In the GPS menu, the field is called “GPS” and when setting up from the app, it is called “GPS Status”

  5. Love the new version & firmware upgrade! One additional suggestion on the new data layouts. Could you add an “A/B” display option for the 3-field data pages? What would be most helpful is 1 big top field + 2 small split/square bottom fields (similar to the current “5B” option but with one large square field on top instead of 3 long rectangles).

    1. Hi Jenny, this is a great deal more complicated than it sounds. We don’t have a field size that is only half the screen so we would need to make a special field size and write code for every data field available to fit that size.

  6. When creating a route, is there an ability to design certain waypoints as stops so they show up in the navigation cues? Sometimes I use waypoints to help design a route, but often I they’re landmarks, cafes, etc. that I want to stop at and having the navigation include that would be amazing!

    Also, maybe another custom data interface for 3 fields–with one big top field and 2 small square fields in the row below it would be really useful.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. You can create waypoints on the GPS Root website route builder. We are looking at adding this functionality to the app as well.

      As for the secondary 3-up display..thanks for the recommendation, we’ll pass this on to our R&D department!

  7. Updated by Enhanced Super GPS and I love the new fields layout. It reduced the number of screens I scroll thru and the information is still readable. Great work.

  8. Two questions:
    1. Any other mount options? I have a 35mm handlebars AND would also like a stem mount option. I contacted the top 3rd parties and they have told me they won’t be making any for Lezyne.

    2. I would like to input my actual lifetime odometer mileage, but your system only goes so high and I can’t actually input my true mileage. Any way to fix this?

    1. Sit tight for new mounting options soon.

      How high do you need the odometer to go? We have increased the odometer range from 10,000 to 99,999.

  9. One of the most important data fields is missing. Heart Rate Zones. I also sent in a mail regarding this to which I was told that it’ll be integrated in this update. Has it been? The device would be nearly perfect if it has. Cheers!

      1. The same would be great for power. Could be interesting to add training with power, and to have the target power display on the GPS. If we could create training\interval with power target in GPS Roots, and than display the target watts on the GPS.

        BTW, great update. And thank you for the TrainingPeaks autosink. It works perfectly.


    1. Enter hold for 2 sec.

      Each enter hold will cycle through 4 zoom options.
      So Enter hold 2 sec -> zoom 1 -> release button -> enter hold 2 sec -> zoom2 -> release button.

  10. Lookig for the special edition super gps for my son’s birthday. Where can i order it? Can’t find it online. We’re in Montreal/Canada

  11. Could you please consider enabling cadence upload to Strava? I see it being recorded and available on Lezyne GPS Root but the cadence does not get synced to Strava.

    1. We do not remove any data fields from our fit files when synced to Strava. It is up to Strava to display those fields. Please contact Strava support for more information.

  12. Hi,
    No new datafield gpssignal strenght and remaining battery level on my Enhaced Micro GPS Y10 after firmware update + Ally update?
    No field called ‘GPS’ in the GPS menu nor ‘GPS Status’ field in Ally?

    1. This field was only added to the Macro GPS and Super GPS with the overall data field update. We will add this field into the other models in a future update.

  13. Please could you explain why my Enhanced Super GPS won’t reroute when I miss a turn when following a Saved Route. It DOES reroute ok when heading for a destination, just not if I deviate from a Saved Route. If this is correct, it renders the Saved Route system at best infuriating and at worst useless. I don’t want to have to turn around 2-300 yards just to get the Route working again.

    Oh and any chance of better instructions when entering roundabouts, as at present it gives no indication what exit to look for.

    Thanks! Still love the thing. 🙂

    1. This was by design since rerouting a saved route can significantly alter a route to the point that it is nothing like the original route.

      Using a route with turn by turn navigation (created on GPS Root or a mapping site that supports TCX with Cues such as embedded is the most ideal since staying on route only requires following the on-screen directions.

      Of course we are always improving our navigation engine and appreciate the feedback.

  14. great update and slowly getting to the more expensive brands level with regard to available data field, safe to say next update you will have more data options for us like tss,np, zone hr and power, % of ftp, % of hr etc? thanks for the update again!

    1. We’re glad you like all the new features! As I’m sure you can tell, we are consistently adding more value to our GPS line and you can expect that trend to continue. Thank you for your feedback.

  15. Does is support more than one bike? I see Bike 1 on the main screen, but did not see how to set up Bike 2 in the settings on the device. Thanks.

    1. Hi Basil, You can set up multiple bikes through the app now. It’s under GPS settings under the More tab.

  16. Very happy with my Super GPS. I wanted something to record my rides accurately, had a clear- easy to read display, and was well made to survive the inevitable knocks as I launch myself into the undergrowth…..again! Also something that wasn’t too technically challenging to use, being a bit of a ham fisted technophobe.
    So much better than using the Strava app on my phone, which kept missing sections and was draining the battery. I only charge my Super GPS after about 12 to 15 hours and even then it still shows 50%.

  17. Good and functional update. One query. If I stop mid ride e.g. coffee stop. The unit disconnects from the phone and I cannot reconnect without turning the gps on and off. Any tips?

    1. Try unpairing the phone and then re-pair. After an update, the encryption keys can get removed and some phones don’t request new ones. This will cause the phone to not auto-pair with the GPS.

    1. Only GPS units with a barometer have the Grade field. GPS data alone is not reliable enough to give an accurate grade percentage.

  18. Love the new data fields available in the Y10 devices. Do you have any plans on making available to the Y9 Super GPS users?
    Also, is their any way to put the Y9 Super GPS into sleep mode during an extended break without ending the ride?

    1. There is not currently a way to put any of our GPS into sleep mode. The new display is exclusive to the Y10 Macro and Super GPS.

  19. Question I just got the enhanced super gps year 10 and when I go to the menu under gps mode it does not give me a option for gps + glonass it says adaptive why is that?
    Thank you

    1. Our GPS settings only allow for an adaptive recording mode or once per second. As far as distinguishing between GPS and GLONASS, we constantly monitor our different signals to best decide which one to use so that the user does not need to.

  20. Wondering what the GPS settings are in the INFO section? “adaptive, and reset” The manual said I could select GPS or GPS+Glonass. I wouldn’t mind having a more accurate GPS for the hilly part of the Wisconsin. Also, manual says that the GPS+Glonass takes more battery. Any way to estimate the difference?

    I do randonneuring and battery life is pretty important.

    Also, last couple of days my Super Enhanced, firmware upgraded device is showing sporatic speed. Shows constantly changing incorrect speeds. What can that be do you think?
    Thanks Todd

    1. Recording once per second won’t significantly increase battery drain. Both Macro and Super GPS have been tested to continuously record at once per second for over 30 hours.

  21. This looks like a great set of improvements, but there’s still something I’d like to see introduced. One of the reasons I bought the SuperGPS was the support of Strava Live Segments but this is currently limited to showing your own current time and not how far ahead or behind the KOM (or your own PB) efforts you are. I’d be delighted if you could add this so there is real-time feedback on such efforts. An extra indicator with a +/- number of seconds on it would be perfect.

    1. Hi Martin, we release a new year’s product the year before. Therefore, these are our models for Year 11, but they still take Year 10 firmware as they are still compatible with Year 10 features.

  22. Hi.
    I’m using y10 micro c gps.
    Will you add extra datafields up to 4 or more fields on one screen into this model?

    1. Because of limitations of the screen size and resolution, we don’t have any current plans to add additional data fields to the Color devices.

  23. I’m doing quite a bit of night riding. Is there a way to keep the backlight on constantly? It becomes very old to press the enter button every time. I know leaving the backlight on will eat up the battery more quickly, but fumbling around with the GPS to turn on the back light can be quite dangerous, especially in the dark with limited visibility.

  24. I have a problem with the Super GPS I purchased 3 weeks ago. It pairs with my Android phone OK, but after I power down the GPS and re-start it, all I get on the GPS is “No Phone.” This forces me to pair the GPS and phone every time I use it. I am using the current versions of the GPS firmware and the Ally V2 app. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 with the current version of Android. This situation is unacceptable. Please help.

  25. I’ve downloaded the new GPS firmware and like what I see on my Micro C GPS. The brighter color bands are sharper for sight when on the ride and there appears to be more instruction on screens for assistance. For example, on the breadcrumb screen, I saw an aid that stated that if I hold down the enter button, it would zoom in. It might have done that before, but the assist was great.
    Now the downside…I use a Quarq DZero power meter and before the firmware update, I was able to show the left and right power balance readings which SIGNIFICANTLY helped my pedal stroke. Now, all I get are the power reading for the ride and each time that data sheet comes up on the screen, it always starts at zero and slowly works up to what the wattage might be at that point in the ride. This might be correct, but unlikely. I have contacted, using your ‘Contact’, Alex, Sales and Warehouse Assistant, who has responded to my request for assistance, but it has been almost a full month with a few contacts. And I do understand that you might be in contact with Quarq to get some answers, but in the meantime, I’m missing out on valuable insights into my riding that I previously had before the firmware upgrade. I hope someone reads this and provides some insights. Thanks

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