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Through the past few years, has submitted some excellent reviews of our lights! This time, it’s our Zecto Drive Front LED light. This light is a compact safety light with three LEDs designed with a lightweight and sturdy Composite Matrix and CNC-machined aluminum body. It delivers a highly visible 80 lumens in Daytime Flash Mode. The Intelligent Power Indicator allows the user to check the power level at any time, and provides Side Visibility, allowing 180 degrees of visibility and increases user safety. It can recharge any time with a Micro USB cable for ultimate convenience. The light easily attaches via its Clip-On System, providing for versatile strapped or clipped mounting. It is available as a single front LED, or as a front/rear pair (Zecto Drive Front and Rear).

“The Zecto Drive Front Light from Lezyne is a excellent piece of kit. It’s designed to alert drivers of your presence, rather than to help you see the way on unlit roads, although it’s good at that as well. It clips easily to your bike, helmet or backpack, and is neat and sturdy. It’s also rechargeable, waterproof and fairly priced.”

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3 thoughts on “ Reviews the Zecto Drive Front LED Light

  1. Hey there,

    the product web page states different light outputs and running times in that mode. The downloadable manual has modes hand output/running time, too, but differently. Also neither explains which mode does what.

    The user has to wonder and riddle why a mode outputing 20 lumens runs 5 hours while a mode outputting 80 lumens runs much longer at 7 hours.

    Can you explain, please?

  2. Thanks for updating the manual and/or website. The running times are now identical.

    But still there’s no clarification, what these modes actually do:
    – ECONOMY; 20; 5:00
    – BLAST; 40; 3:00
    – FLASH 1; 40; 3:40
    – FLASH 2; 40; 5:00
    – FLASH 3; 40; 3:00
    – DAYTIME; 80; 7:00

    The are some questions which the manual does not answer. Why is DAYTIME the brightest mode AND the longest running? Does it blink only once a minute? Is ECONOMY a blinking mode or a steady light? Is BLAST a blinking mode or steady but brighter? The three FLASH modes differ in frequency or pattern or both?

    I think explaining the modes would be very helpful …

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