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We over here at Lezyne are pretty excited about our new Strip Drive line, which includes a front, rear and Pro (rear) version. has always been on a roll with reviewing our new product lines every year, and they had nothing but good things to say about the new Strip Drives.

“Lezyne has introduced a new range of Strip Drive front and rear lights that can fit any shape of handlebar or seatpost, including aero options.

“There are two rear lights in the Strip Drive range along with a front light, each containing five LEDs.

“The higher level rear light is the Strip Drive Pro. It’s co-moulded meaning that the lens and the body are an integrated whole so that water can’t get inside. The control button is shielded away underneath the rubber outer so that rain can’t get in there either.”

Read the entire review here.

Read more about the Strip Drives as part of our new Y9 LED collection here.

18 thoughts on “ Reviews the New Lezyne Strip Drives

    1. Hi Peter! The dimensions are 87x37x34 mm. We have now added this information to the three Strip Drive product pages. Thanks!

  1. Hi.
    I would like to ask whether there is a plan for evolution of this product : some kind of balancer that would push the STRIP lights point a bit upwards.
    Current positioning looks like that the ligts are pointing down to road… (according to an angle of the seat tube).

    1. Hi Michal. So far there is no plan to add an angle on the back of the strip drive. Currently, the lens will direct enough light upward that the angle was not necessary. Thanks for your suggestion though, we consider all for future updates!

  2. hi there,
    My other Lezyne KTV rear light points downwards because of the angle of my seat tube and this really makes it a lot less visible…. my seat tube angle is pretty normal, and not anything unusual.

    Does the Strip Drive Pro angle downward as well?


    1. Hi Jon! Our KTV and Strip Drive lights are made to be versatile and fit many different bikes in many different locations on the bike – including both the seat post (angled down) and the seatstay (angled up). The lights are neutral to accommodate the preference of many different riders. Because of the significantly higher lumen output and multiple LEDs, the Strip Drive Pro is considerably more visible, despite it angling slightly down while mounted on a typical seat post.

  3. Have to agree with the other posters here about the angle. I always angle my front and rear lights down slightly, but the shape of this and the lack of any adjustment means it’s pointed down at the road far too much. It really loses visibility due to this, which is disappointing. On my old bike I could use the seat post clamp to correct it slightly, but my new bike’s clamp is on the other side so this light has become little more than decoration. I’ll have to try and mod if with Sugru or something.

    1. Hi Stuart! The versatility of the new Strip Drive enables it to mount to multiple locations on any bike. A neutral position helps maximize that compatibility with the uncountable variations in seatpost angles. In-depth testing has shown that the considerable increase in lumen output with the Strip Drive and Strip Drive Pro over standard rear lights still keeps the rider visible while accommodating any bike.

  4. Hello, I just purchased the Lezyne Strip Pro. I am charging it for the first time as I write this note. Other than viewing the brightness by sight, is there any way to determine which mode you are in? I want to run in the day light mode.

  5. Just installed mine and used it for the first time. Have to agree that it points down too much. I was able to use the quick release mount for my old taillight as kind of a spacer so that it is now vertical as it should be. There should be some kind of spacer/shim included that you can use to be able to get it in the correct position. I do like that it is so much brighter than my old light!

  6. Hi, I’m struggling with this light. I’m not getting any kind of indication that the light is charging? When I press the button once I get both green and red lights indicating a 75% charge. The instructions say that the green light should flash during charging? This is the second unit ive had any ideas?

    1. Hi Mark! The USB fits in both right side up and up side down, but only works right side up 🙂 You might have it flipped! Try that and let us know.

      1. i’m afraid i’m having the same problem with both of my units – there is just a solid amber light on when charging, irrespective of the power source. Why is it not flashing green or turning solid once charged. It’s a Zecto Auto 80

        1. The green light through the red lens looks a lot like the amber LED. Try unplugging it, and click the button to get battery status to make sure. The actual amber LED is a great deal brighter than the green LED. If you still experience issues please email so we can take a closer look!

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