Reviews Reviews the Mega Drive Reviews the Mega Drive for Year 8
Image. Reviews the Mega Drive for Year 8 never fails to deliver the Lezyne love. Our newly upgraded Mega Drive wasn’t about to fall through their fingers! With a CNC-sculpted aluminum body in a compact, self-contained configuration, the Mega Drive is the ultimate high performance LED light built for trail or road use. It features Constant Lumens power management that drives three LEDs at a bright 1,400 lumens. Overdrive Race Mode allows quick switching between Overdrive and Economy, and its Infinite Light design allows for on-demand battery replacement for a bright light that never quits. It is recharged either with fast, high efficiency, 2 Amp recharging with a compatible wall adaptor or via a Micro USB cable for ultimate convenience. The Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level any time. The Mega Drive’s CM hard mounts secure the light to 31.8 mm and 25.4 mm handlebars. It is also available as a Fully Loaded package with aluminum handlebar mounts (31.8mm and 25.4mm), a spare battery pack, a Micro USB charging cable, and CM storage case.

“The Mega Drive is Lezyne’s top-of-the-line performance LED light. It’s self-contained, and kicks out loads of light in a well-designed beam pattern. I like it a lot.

“The Mega Drive, as with other Lezyne products, is a beautifully manufactured aluminium unit. It not only looks good, it’s very strong as well. I know, because it dislodged itself from my handlebars mid-descent. Before I could recover it, a car had driven over it. It continues to work perfectly. The lesson in this, of course, is to make sure the light is mounted on the bracket properly. Doh!”

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