RCUK Takes Their First Look at the Deca Drive

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RCUK Takes Their First Look at the Deca Drive

RCUK just got a hold of our new Deca Drive LED with the Loaded Kit and will be putting it through its paces over the coming weeks. Here is a little bit of what RCUK had to say upon opening the box.

“The most immediately obvious facet of the Deca Drive is more prosaic. It’s a very solid, CNC-machined aluminum unit… and tipping the scales at 160g unladen.”

“The power is converted to illumination via three LEDs, secured behind Leyzne’s Maximum Optimal Reflection lens, intended to produce a smoother and brighter beam by optimizing use of the generated light. This will be the area of greatest interest when the testing begins, of course.”

We are looking forward to the full review and will be sure to share it with you as soon as RCUK posts the report.

To read the full first impressions review, follow the link: roadcyclinguk.com

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