The Positives Of Being “Put On Hold”

The following story is from Becky Gardner on how COVID-19 HAS affected her life as a traveling athlete.

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Last year I spent only a month throughout the entire year at my home in Colorado. Between work and racing, my life has been 90% on the road. Due to COVID-19, my external life has been put on hold, which means plenty of time at my home in Salida, Colorado. Lucky for me, I adore my Colorado home, and I have been trying to remain positive and soak up as much of these Rocky Mountains that I can.


So what does a statewide lockdown look like for a small mountain town?

Right now, the whole state is similar to most states declaring a “stay in place” policy. Which like most of you know, this means staying at home and only going out of your house when it is necessary. That includes exercise as long as you practice strict social distancing. I try and get outside every day while making avoiding people a top priority. I either snowboard or ride my bike most days.¬†Sunshine and fresh air is the key to making me happy and healthy. Spring in Colorado is a mixed bag; one day can be 60 degrees and sunny, and the next day it can snow two feet. I love the random weather; it makes you stay flexible and plan in your activities day by day since you never know what the weather outside will be.


I have been a snowboarder since I was a kid, and use to have a full-time job coaching. It’s still snowing here in Colorado, and in Salida, I have ample space to get out for a backcountry ski with my boyfriend without seeing anyone. I have been taking full advantage of the spring ski weather and trying to get out on the snow a bunch. Some places in Colorado have enforced a no backcountry rule to keep people that shouldn’t be in the backcountry out and to make sure health and rescue personnel are not being used to save people. Where I live, there is low angle safe terrain to ski, keeping the backcountry open to people, so I can still hit some fun runs. The ski resort is also still allowing people to skin up and ski, giving people a very safe avalanche free option.

When the weather is nice, I am on my bike. The trails in Colorado are just starting to open up, and I am privileged to have access to some of my favorite enduro/downhill trails so early in the riding season. We also have access to tons of small, barely used backroads for road riding. I am also fortunate to have had some fantastic quarantine riding partners: my dog, and my boyfriend. Sometimes I leave the bike and boyfriend at home and hit the trails with my running shoes instead of the bike. For me, it is essential to keep things fun and avoid a monotonous routine.


Besides riding and skiing, I keep healthy by doing daily stretching, workouts, yoga, and ab routines. Maintaining a strong core is number one on my priority list. After a bad crash a few years back, resulting in a broken back, I have learned that a strong base keeps my back healthy and ready for race season. Besides Abs, I try and do either a yoga flow sequence or band workout along with my outdoor activities.

The last piece of my stay healthy plan is cooking and mental work. I love cooking and make sure to create healthy meals and snacks to keep me happy and healthy. Getting all the nutrients is key to maintaining a healthy physical and mental body. I also use this alone time to draw and paint a bunch. It is easy for me to over exercise and train. Painting gives me a non-physical outlet to express myself and stay busy and sane during these times.