Popular Summer Cycling Accessories – Lezyne in the News

Lezyne was all over the news in July. Featured in major media outlets across the globe, our hot summer items such as the Super GPS and Digital Shock Drive continue to make waves throughout the cycling world.



Control Drive

The Lezyne Control Drive was the top-rated CO2 inflator in a recent comparison from BikeRadar. “With a minimalist CNC’ed aluminium head, the Control Drive feels high quality. Despite its small size, attention to detail is high too. A rubber seal engages with the cartridge threads as soon as you begin loading the inflator, which means little gas is lost before the valve is opened. The head slips easily over both Schrader and Presta valves, and the control knob is knurled for grip and simple to operate.”

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Bike Rumor

Super GPS – 206 Miles!

On July 31st, BikeRumor posted a bike check with Alison Tetrick featuring her Dirty Kanza-winning race rig and her Super GPS.
“The first thing that popped into Alison’s mind when she was talking about her race setup was actually not her bike but a Lezyne computer. The Dirty Kanza 200 is essentially self-supported & self-directed on lonely roads, mostly due to the isolated location. It gets no course markings, so requires a GPS in it for the long haul. That was one of the most intimidating elements of the race for the roadie, used to “playing ‘follow-the-leader’ in road racing, and having a full caravan in front and behind (her). Alison raced with a Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS to give her turn-by-turn navigation. She was impressed that even after doing almost 12 hours of turn-by-turn directions for 206 miles, it still had over 50% battery life remaining. ‘I could have gone another 206 miles if I wanted.'”

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Cycling Weekly

The Super GPS made its way into this month’s “Tech of the Month” over at Cycling weekly.
“This little number is Lezyne’s top end GPS unit, and it squarely takes aim at the Garmin Edge 520.
It’s capable of keeping track of all your data and can push your performance with a variety of tests hooked up by ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors.
It can also do turn-by-turn navigation and isn’t touchscreen, which, if you’ve struggled with the Garmin Edge 820 you’ll be pleased to hear.”

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1-LED-6-V504-SuperDrive1250XXL_Blk-Mounted_R1 Lezyne_Femto

The Super Drive 1250XXL (Now superseded by the Super Drive 1500XXL) and Femto Drive were featured in Cycling Weekly’s buyers guide.
“Building on the success of the Lezyne Super Drive 1200XXL, this iteration offers an immense beam and spread making it a top choice for those who want to feel confident riding at night…Femto Drive bike lights [are] compact, easy to attach and remove.”

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Flow Cage

Cycling Weekly also reviewed the Flow Cage.

“If you’ve ever lost a bottle when riding over bumpy terrain, you’ll appreciate the secure hold offered by the Lezyne Flow bottle cage…[it] has a good firm hold, but still allows easy access to the bottle. Lezyne also sells a version with attachments for a pump and one with left or right side access for small frames.”

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Top Ten Reviews

super gps top 10 reviews
Super GPS listed the Super GPS as their “Excellence Award Winner” in their collection of the top 10 cycling GPS computers of 2017, scoring a fantastic 9.58/10.

“The Lezyne Super GPS is a powerhouse for those that run long training sessions, and this bike computer is very reasonably priced…One of the best parts of the Super GPS is its outstanding battery life, which is rated for 24 hours. While most other cycling computers last just 12 to 15 hours with standard usage, having a longer-lasting battery is great for those who are marathon trainers.”

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Micro GPS Watch

Pinkbike featured the Micro GPS Watch in their “Check Out” article where they feature innovative mountain bike products for under $300.
“The multi-mode Micro GPS Watch is equipped with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connectivity, which can simultaneously pair with power meters, heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors and iOS or Android handhelds. When synced with our free Lezyne Ally app, the unit provides navigation, live tracking, Strava Live Segments and phone notifications (text message, emails, and phone calls).”

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Bicycle Times Weekly

Macro Drive 800XL

Bicycle Times Weekly featured both the Macro Drive 800XL (Replaced by the Macro Drive 1100XL) and Zecto Auto as part of their list of high-quality bike lights that won’t break the bank.
“Some of the most lumens in the sleekest packages are delivered by the San Luis Obispo, California-based Lezyne. Their Macro Drive 800XL light is the heaviest, but stoutest of the list for good reason. The CNC machined aluminum parts and body create a durable construction for 800 lumens of power from this high performance front cycling light. At max power in the overdrive mode, the ultrahigh LED lights will blast for 1 hour and 40 minutes while in the conservative femto mode the light lasts for a reported 63 hours. A robust silicone strap secures the Macro Drive 800XL easily in place over many types of handlebars. Choose from silver or black, both so stylish they might become your favorite bike accessory for $70.”

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Zecto Auto

“The Lezyne Zecto is a high visibility three-LED, 20 lumen light with a built in motion detecting system featuring six different flashing modes. This light will automatically turn off after three minutes of inactivity. With a machined aluminum faceplate and lightweight, yet durable composite matrix body the Zecto it is as sturdy as functional. At a svelte 47 grams, this micro-USB rechargeable light also has a versatile clip-on system for easy attachment to your seatpost, pannier or backpack and only costs $50.”

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Enduro Mountainbike Magazine


Digital Shock Drive

The Digital Shock Drive was featured in Enduro Mountainbike Magazine’s “Hype This” featuring 8 items of MTB bling.
“If you’re the sort of person who cannot walk past a crooked picture frame, who always hits a round digit at the petrol pump, and can recite shock pressures like a familiar song, then this is the shock pump for you. Not only does the compact Lezyne Digital Shock Drive Pump give you your exact pressure, but it also looks a million dollars. Be warned, if you pull this out on the trail your buddies will be convinced you have had a pay raise and will make you buy the post-ride beers.”

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