Lezyne Alloy Drive Review

Lezyne Alloy Drive Review

A super great review of our Alloy Drive after it’s been beat for quite some time.

“The Lezyne is a joy to use with a nice fluid action and a thick handle to get a good grip. Some will be quick to mention that the Brompton already comes with a frame pump so why should you need another? Simply put, the included Brompton pump works best as an emergency pump in our opinion. It’s a small frame-style pump which will get the job done, but you do have to pay special attention to keep it from wrenching off a valve stem.

We’ve used the Lezyne Alloy Drive pump on our last two tours with the Brompton. During that time its been used heavily and has managed to survive the elements since we keep it in an outside pocket.”

Lezyne Alloy Drive Review

Lezyne Alloy Drive Review

Recommendation: Highly Recommend


-flex hose prevents snapping of valves
-well made, nice pump action

-a little spendier than other pumps
-screwing of hose adds a little time to process

Check out the ENTIRE review HERE on thepathlesspedalled.com.

Lezyne Proudly Partners with Lotto Belisol for 2012

Lezyne proudly partners with Lotto Belisol for 2012. It’s looking like it’s gonna be an amazing season for both Lotto and Lezyne.


Lotto-Belisol, a Belgian racing team, is one of the oldest and most prestigious cycling teams of all time. With a stacked list of talent and tradition, keep a keen eye out on both teams. It’s gonna be good.

Lotto-Belisol Cycling Team official team picture

Legendary Team of Professional Belgian Cycling

• Originally established in 1985

• More than 700 victories over 27 years of racing

• New powerhouse team for 2012:

Andre Greipel (Ger)

Jurgen Roelandts (Bel)

Jurgen Van den Broeck (Bel)

Lars Bak (Den)

• Team uses Lezyne hand pumps and

floor pumps, and CO2 inflators.


The Lotto-Belisol webpage can be found HERE

The Alloy Floor Drive wins “Best on Test” with Cycling Plus

The Alloy Floor Drive wins

The Alloy Floor Drive wins “Best on Test” with Cycling Plus

“Lezyne brings its typical elegance, efficiency, and styling to this design.”

“This excellent pump is a joy to use. The Lezyne Alloy FD takes top honours for its balance of design, efficiency and performance.”

“It’s a straightforward, very well made design, with a superb wooden handle, a long hose and a very stable base – but it’s Lezyne’s Flip-Thread Chuck that we really like. The screw-on design provides a fantastic seal and can be used on valves where only small amounts of thread are showing. It’s flippable for Schrader valves plus has an extra screw-on head that pushes onto valves in the more usual way. For it’s balance of design, efficiency, and pumping performance it takes the top honours.”

“Lezyne really delivers with this classic pump. It has a superbly reassuring feel, aided by its comfortable varnished wooden handle, while the CNC-machined base and 15mm shaft make it very stable and the gauge is clear to read. Add in a long hose and great build quality and you’ve got a more than competent pump, but what really makes it is Lezyne’s excellent Flip-Thread Chuck. This does away with a locking lever, the reversible head screwing directly – and very securely – onto Presta valves for leak-free pumping every time.” www.upgradebikes.co.uk

The Alloy Floor Drive wins

The Sport Floor Drive in the test, although it didn’t win, surely made “top honours” as well, earning itself 5 starts and a very well-bolstered reputation.