Chris Verbick installation with Lezyne Pumps

As a sponsor for ARTCRANK London 2011, the Lezyne bicycle products company were interested in showcasing their fine track pumps in an innovative way.

The production team for the show wanted to bring what we called “the red carpet effect” to London’s second ARTCRANK show. Thus this rope barrier was designed and constructed with specially-sourced pink inner tubes. The branding for ARTCRANK, Look Mum No Hands! and Lezyne were all highlighted in the installation.

The design allowed for the bikes to remain functional during the event—something of which many of the show attendees took full advantage.

Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Review by

Alloy Dirt Floor Drive

Really awesome review of our Alloy Dirt Floor Drive by Tyler over at Thanks Tyler!

When I first ran into Lezyne’s mountain-specific Dirt Floor Drive line of pumps at Interbike last fall, I admittedly didn’t get it. With an oversized barrel (30% larger than the standard Floor Drive) and a gauge topping out at 70psi, the Dirt Floor Drive seemed oddly limited- especially in a road/mountain household. It was only after repeatedly hearing a local shop owner rave about the durability of their shop’s Floor Drive and getting the rest of the story about the Dirt Floor Drive from Lezyne that it started to make sense. Read on to find out why, after two months’ use, I’ve made the mental U-turn to embrace the Dirt Floor Drive- and why my air compressor has largely been sitting silent.

Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Gauge

It turns out that Lezyne have increased not only the Dirt Floor Drive’s barrel volume, but also reworked the rest of the pump’s internals to allow for substantially increased air flow. It’s that combination of increased stroke volume and decreased flow restrictions that allows the three pump Dirt Floor Drive line to effectively seat about 3/4 of the tubeless tires I’ve tried it on. It’s not quite as effective as a small workshop air compressor- but with a bit of effort it sure comes close. And it’s against that of an air compressor that the purchase of a Dirt Floor Drive should be considered.

The Dirt Floor Drive range starts with a $75 steel-barreled version, proceeds to the tested $85 Alloy Dirt Floor Drive, with its wood handle and aluminum barrel, and then on to the blingtastic $110 CNC Dirt Floor Drive with still more machined aluminum hardware and an aluminum handle. All three use Lezyne’s presta/Schraeder reversible thread-on chuck and the hose is long enough to comfortably reach the wheels of bicycles mounted in workstands. The large gauge is located at the substantial cast base- not great for legibility, but probably the best location given its size and heft.

lezyne-Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Chuck

It didn’t take long for me to get in the habit of using the big Lezyne over my air compressor to mount tubeless tires. First, it’s considerably quieter. Second, when time waiting for the compressor to reach pressure is taken into account, it’s almost always faster. Finally, it has a gauge (reducing the need for a second operation). The thread-on chuck is a double-edge sword. Its simplicity is wonderful and leaves far less to go wrong or to be fouled by sealant than do more ‘modern’ designs. Its downside is the possibility of threading tubeless valves into the tire (through their lock rings) when installing the chuck, and the inevitability of removing the occasional valve core (along with all of the tire’s air) when removing the chuck. In order to facilitate trailside valve stem removal and sealant injections, I’d been in the habit leaving both fairly loose but have had to snug things up in order to use the Dirt Floor Drive.  Lezyne’s $10 aftermarket push-on Slip Chuck head should address these complaints, though, and is high on my shopping list.

Alloy Dirt Floor Drive

Another reason that the Lezyne has been so eagerly adopted as part of my workshop is that it’s just satisfying to use. The polished aluminum makes it look like a serious piece of equipment and the stained wood handle is not only pretty but a pleasure to hold. The height of the pump is just right, allowing average-height adults to manage full strokes without uncomfortable bending. The overall impression the Dirt Floor Drive gives is one of solidity and durability.

Along with a push-on head, I would love to see Lezyne equip the Alloy Dirt Floor Drive with a bleed valve of some sort. This would allow tires to be seated at 50 or 60psi, then bled down to the riding pressure. But this is a minor request- none of the pumps I own have one- it’s just that much more noticeable because the thread-on chuck can make the letting small bits of air out a bit fiddly. The $85 price is high, but as it could largely take the place of an air compressor (and is considerably more portable), the Alloy Dirt Floor Drive could be justified on those grounds- anyone changing tubeless tires at a race will love you for bringing one. I’ll be changing and inflating loads more tires as the year goes on and report back if anything interesting

Specialzed lululemon’s Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney Winning!!

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney

(Chloe on the left, and Loren on the right.)

Specialzed lululemon’s Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney Winning!!

Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney are 2 for 2 in the Bay Thriller in Australia!

Lezyne sponsored Specialized lululemon riders Chloe Hosking wins day 1 of Bay Thriller and Loren Rowney takes the victory in day 2! This only seems fitting that they are crushing this Australian event as both girls are originally from Australia. Chloe is from Canberra and Loren is from Queensland.

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney

In an interview with Chloe after the race, she stated: ”I love racing like that,” (speaking of the attack-filled race) she said. ”I don’t really like just sitting in and then sprinting. For me it was really exciting to go out there and show what women’s racing can be like. There has just been some really negative things said in the press lately about how women’s racing is boring and how we don’t deserve a minimum salary.”

When the Herald put it to Hosking that women’s cycling lacked support from the very top of the sport’s administration, she replied: ”What can be said? Pat McQuaid’s a dick.

Read more here.

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney

Specialized-lulemon’s newest recruit Loren Rowney, took all of two days to win her first race of the season. Following her team-mate Chloe Hosking’s lead, Rowney took out a round of the Jayco Bay Series in Geelong on Monday, making it two out of two for the Specialized-lululemon duo. Rowney, who worked tirelessly for Hosking’s win on day one, was merely following instructions when she put herself in the break of the day. “Chloe and I had talked this morning with our Total Rush teammates and she said ‘whatever happens, someone from our team needs to be in every break,'” said Rowney. “I saw a break go with none of us in it and knew I had to get across.”

Rowney then had to play a smart game to outsmart the strong Green Edge riders. When Amanda Spratt went on the late attack out of the break, Loren covered her and was able to go past her for the win. “Loren was so strong today,” said Hosking. “She’s amazing and she rode the perfect race. We’re really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen tomorrow. Hosking now leads the series by only one point with two stages remaining.

Specialzed lululemon's Chloe Hosking and Loren Rowney

Lezyne Great Divide Pack Review

Andy Johnston, three time National MTB Champion and coach reviews our Great Divide hydration pack and LOVES it. Exciting stuff.

Andy Johnston, three times National mtb Champion is not only a racer and the coach.

Andy incorporates camping into his mountain biking experience. Here is his review of the Lezyne Great Divide Pack:

Lezyne’s Great Divide pack is their largest pack offering.  A very generous 24 liter cargo capacity and a 3 liter drinking bladder makes this suitable for long bike rides and camping trips.  With 6 external pockets, including one big basement pocket, and numerous internal storages solutions, the Great Divide has plenty of easily assessable storage areas.

When you are doing your big ride there is only one reason you wear a backpack; to carry your stuff, and you need to get to that stuff quickly and easily. The Great Divide gives you that with easy to access storage compartments.

The pack is very easy to wear and comfortable on the shoulders. A little more narrow than a typical daypack helps keep the load balanced when in a leaned over riding position.  Additional adjustment and compression straps help secure the load, and double as mounting straps for external items – even a full-face helmet.

To keep the pack off your back an insertable, bendable support also allows air to flow and keep you dry, and it also provides an ideal storage next for large, flat maps.

Overall the pack is a quality piece of gear with many well thought-out touches you will appreciate out in the woods or wherever your adventurers take you.

Externally and internally, this pack has lots of storage.

Water resistant, soft material scratch free zipper pocket for your electronics, such as music devices, with an earphone cable port.  This is the go-to pocket for easy access zipper storage.

Two mesh pockets on the hip strap.  These can be accessed while wearing the pack, so are perfect for items you might use a lot.

Large side pockets on either side of the pack are great for small to medium size items.

Two main compartments: a cavernous main and secondary one features tons of pocket space for your little items, it is even labeled with pictures of the things that go in the pocket so you don’t have to dig to see what’s in there.

For odds and ends there is the outer pocket on the back of it all.  It is made of a stretchy fabric that allows you to cram and stuff items in a hurry yet still hold them safe.

A ventilated storage compartment under the pack for wet, smelly or dirty items to protect your other stuff.  It also works great for clean items.

The hydration bladder compartment is lined with reflective material called Temp Shield to keep temps constant.   The bladder closes using a zip-lock top which opens wide enough to get your hand in for easy cleaning.

The Great Divide pack is big enough to be used for camping yet small enough to be used for a day ride or hike.

Bottom line:
WOW!  This is my favorite pack, although not as roomy as my 30 liter hiking pack, or as minimalist as my cycling water pack, it is the nicest, and has the best features.  This is an all day/ multi-day pack for the outdoors person that needs to carry a lot of gear, but does not want a bulky cumbersome pack.

Lezyne LED Review by MTBR User

Lezyne Super Drive

Here’s a great review by Andy aka Rut on MTBR.

So last night was the first night I have been able to use our new Lezyne Super Drive lights. I mounted two on the bars and headed out for a few hour ride. I turned one on low and proceeded to do get into the 1 1/2 hour climb. With another person behind me, I was being “flooded” out by their light, but that was my doing. I did, after all, have the light on low.

Once we got to the top, I turned both lights to full power and was amazed by the power of the lights! Holy Shimoly! My riding buddy was using another brand of lights which were brand new and we both decided the Lezyne Super Drive lights simply covered the singletrack better. It had a wider coverage and was bright as hell. Both of us had two seperate lights on the bars.

I love the USB port for plugging it in and can’t believe how small the entire unit is. Not to mention having no battery pack is simply mind blowing. The whole unit is on my bar mount. Incredible!!! Oh, and it weighs about 125 Grams!

The only draw back is it lacks a helmet mount. Once Lezyne comes out with a helmet mount this unit will be unstoppable!

I am not affiliated with Lezyne in anyway and was really surprised at how awesome this unit is. There are tons of other technical info about this light to be found on the net. I believe Francis has posted some stuff on it too.

If you are interested in purchasing a light, check into this unit. I love it.

HubPages Features Lezyne Lights

Lezyne Super Drive

HubPages Features Lezyne Lights

Lezyne Super Drive Light to Make Your Night Journey Pleasant and Secure.

LED lights are now part of your home and of course, your car. The popularity of LED compared to incandescent has increased because of myriad of advantages it offers including longer life, easy installation, low energy consumption and reliability. These comforts are usually not present in traditional incandescent light.

Competition has not spared this product also. Manufacturers are facing tough competition but some brands like Lezyne have emerged as one of the best selling brands in both low-beam and high beam driving lights.

A Lezyne Super Drive light is able to work longer (more than one thousand hours) comparatively. Like incandescent, it doesn’t get burnt quickly even if you frequently turn on and off. Though LED driving lights are expensive, their longevity makes it a worth buying car accessory. LED light can easily operate with the dimmer switch whereas an incandescent doesn’t. It makes your night driving easy because you don’t strain your eyes to see pot holes.

The interesting thing about a Lezyne Power Drive is that it comes in three stunning colors. The black and silver color LED lights suit with almost all cars.

Exceptional Features

  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • Impressive light to size ratio
  • High quality casing (CNC aluminum) to easily disperse heat
  • Parabolic reflectors to provide a clean and sharp beam
  • Available in 4 settings: a blinking mode, 300, 200, and 100 lumens
  • Run time starts with 2 hours, 3 hours, 5.5 and 6 hours
  • High quality battery (lithium ion battery), easily replaced & easily charges with the help of USB within 4 hours
  • Easy installation

Lithium ion batteries are easily available in consumer electronics. These batteries are excellent for a long drive as they don’t run out so easily. They are one of the major reasons to make LED driving light popular among drivers.

No wonder, aluminium is a versatile ceramic material with many practical uses. From tap washers to body armor, it has been used frequently. Nowadays, advance version CNC is being used to make iPhone case and cases of driving lights.

If you are concerned about your automobile accessory, go through the casing material of your driving light. If it is made of aluminum, it means you are on the right way of purchasing a durable light.

UPPGRADER Blog features Lezyne’s Super Drive

UPPGRADER (a men’s fashion, swag, and upscale product blog) features Lezyne’s Super Drive. Pretty sexy. We are glad that Lezyne can roll with the best of them.

[$110] Night biking- it’s not the brightest idea in the world, but sometimes it happens. If you plan on doing any night biking, gear up with the 450 Lumen Lezyne Super Drive LED. The Super Drive uses a unique lens and reflector setup that illuminates near and far simultaneously without sacrificing visibility in either field. It’s programmable with three custom modes ranging from 150 to 450 Lumens (about 4 hours to 1.5 hours battery life). Housed in a tough aluminum body with composite handlebar attachment.


Blox 23

Lezyne makes yet another Christmas Gift List….it makes us so proud to see all the fans out there. Lezyne is used alongside the phrase “pure loveliness”. I do agree. Cheers to you.

Bizarrely I always find it slightly difficult to recommend gifts for others or myself at Christmas, especially when they say what Cycle related item it should be. I took a look over the work site and these are my top five, based on pure loveliness and something I’d like to see under the tree.

Italian Racing Cycles looks like a beautiful book and a classic coffee table book even a none cyclist could appreciate, if only for the images. There’s a lovely piece on the book on Pez, which is well worth a read.

Tire Levers

Tyre Levers are one of those items that go pretty well unnoticed until you need to use them. Crap ones fail to get between the hook of the rim and the bead of the tyre. They work on most tyre/rim combinations, and because of their width make leverage a lot easier as they gain more purchase than many others. Available in a few bright colours so you can find them in your bag with the added benefit that you’re unlikely to forget them after a roadside repair.

Castelli Espresso Due Jacket

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these to test. I was just about to write a review of my own up when I read Matt Brett’s review on, after that I thought I’d not bother as he pretty much said everything I could. I thought that I may never truly get a chance to test it but I have managed to stretch the range of use and have found it to be awesome. £230.00 is a lot of cash, but and this is an important but, you are buying into great fabrics and construction from Castelli. Much in the same way as Assos, Castelli has built a reputation on style, longevity and great fit. Having had Castelli jackets before they are go to pieces when the needle drops. If you want a jacket with lots of life and something that will look classic from season to season who can’t go far wrong with this.

Northwave Fahrenheit

Much in the same vein as the Espresso Due Jacket I would expect these shoes to last a long time. As the weather is turning my thoughts are moving towards a fully waterproof boot. Commuting and Riding through winter means that you need to be prepared and there is nothing that shouts this more than Gore-Tex boots. It’s my friend Sean who sings the praises of his Shimano versions that makes me think I should buy a pair of these. The Farenheit shoes aren’t likely to be a normal purchase for many cyclists as they will grab a pair of good overshoes and pair them up with some merino socks and bob’s your uncle. I think that there’s just something that little bit more next level about these boots and because of that they’d make a perfect gift.

Blox 23

If your gift is for the man in your life what better to give him than a new tool. I’ve a small Lezyne one of my saddle bags and everytime I use it I am always impressed. But being small if I got really stuck it just wouldn’t cut the mustard. I really like the look of the Blox 23 as it has all the allen keys you could need, a chain tool and for me, most importantly a Mavic spoke wrench. All Lezyne products are beautifully made, and I’m a sucker for nice design.