PRESS RELEASE: Cedric Gracia Continues and LEZYNE Places 3rd in German Awards

LEZYNE NEWS – CEDRIC Continues through 2012/Lezyne Places 3rd in German Mag Award.


Cedric Continues as Lezyne Ambassador Through 2012

Cedric Gracia

San Luis Obispo, CA – Lezyne is proud to announce the continued partnership with gravity legend Cedric Gracia (CG Racing Brigade) through the 2012 Season. A Lezyne Ambassador since 2009, Cedric is a long-time user and supporter of Lezyne. “Cedric is a great athlete to work with and a lot of fun. He has really helped to spread Lezyne’s message of Engineered Design around the world. We are stoked to continue working with him,” said Patrick Ribera-McKay, Lezyne’s Worldwide Marketing Manager.

Cedric will be using Lezyne pumps, tools, tire repair, bottle cages, CO2 inflators, organizers, and LED lights throughout the 2012 season. Learn more about Cedric and Lezyne here: Cedric Gracia Lezyne Ambassador Page

Lezyne Places 3rd in German Magazine Readers Awards.

Ulrike Schlifske

Germany – Lezyne was recently awarded 3rd Place for Best Pump Brand in the reader polls for the German magazines “RoadBIKE,” “MountainBIKE,” and “bike.” Lezyne’s Ulrike Schlifske and Jessica Vogel (Marketing Assistant, 2 Wheel Distribution) were on hand to accept the awards. This is the second year that Lezyne has received honors from the readers of “RoadBIKE,” “MountainBIKE,” and “bike” magazines.

New Women’s Specific Bike Shop opens and features Lezyne Products

Izzivelo, a new women’s specific bike shop is open for business!! Now, how neat is that!?


A new online bike kit shop geared specifically to female cyclists has opened for business. Izzivelo has been founded by Charis Drysdale, who co-owns Lakeland-based DC Cycles with her husband.

Charis feels the bike industry is too male-orientated and that women deserve a better choice of clothing and accessories than that offered by most bike shops. “I found most bike shops to be quite blokey and the same was true with most internet sites, which I feel puts women off going in and really looking at things,” she told BikeRadar that “I found that most had a smaller [women's] product range and tended to focus solely on clothing rather than offering a good range of accessories as well.

“I wanted to create something for women that offered a wide range of clothing choice, whether you ride on road, off road or simply to work.  Not only that but I wanted to have tools, pumps and other accessories as well, making it a one-stop shop for everything bar the bike itself.”

The website features kit from brands like Ana Nichoola, Pearl Izumi, Castelli, Bionicon, Alchemy Goods and Lezyne – everything from winter tights and jerseys to multi tools and handbags made from inner tubes. Anyone who doesn’t want to buy online can view the range at DC Cycles in Ulverston, Lancashire. Visit for more information.

This writeup was done by Bike Radar. You can follow BikeRadar on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Charis Drysdale

Lezyne is the Best Christmas Gift EVER!!

Lezyne products can and will make for the perfect gift. I’m not sayin, but I’m just sayin. At least Mountain Biking UK thinks so. And I’ll have to agree.

Now that we’re into December, it’s time to start dropping hints to Santa about what you might like to find in your stocking on 25 December. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s MBUK’s run-down of this year’s best Christmas gifts and stocking fillers!

Lezyne Mini Drive Front LED Light Review

Lezyne Mini Drive

Lezyne Mini Drive Front LED Light Review

Stylish commuting light. Review given by RCUK. The Brits are a critical group, but all the better.

Lezyne’s first foray into the light market sees the arrival of three typically stylish lights. The Mini Drive sits at the bottom of the company’s debut range, priced at £49.99 and with a maximum output of 150 Lumens.

Out of the box

Pull the light out of the box and first thing you notice is how light it is, just 73g without the bracket. The light is housed in a 100 per cent CNC-machined aluminium unit with laser etched graphics. Less is more when it comes to Lezyne products and the Mini Drive is very small, sitting inconspicuously on the handlebars, unlike some of the obtrusive commuting torches we’ve seen.

Attaching the light is quick and easy thanks to Lezyne’s tool-free bracket, with a thumb screw to attach the mount to the ‘bars. An indication of Lezyne’s attention to detail comes from the fact that they supply two brackets; one suitable to a diameter of 25.4mm and the other to 31.8mm. In the past we’ve found other brackets just about squeeze onto chunkier handlebars or need adapting, so we were pleased to see this.

The weatherproof unit slots into the mount without any problems and is held securely is place, regardless of the quality of road surface. We also like the fact that the part of the mount to which the light attaches provides a little flexibility in the direction the torch is facing.


The light has four settings; high (150 Lumens), medium (100 Lumens), low (50 Lumens), and flashing. You’re best using high, medium or flashing to ensure maximum visibility, but the LED produces a strong beam thanks to an effective lens reflector.

Charging is by USB, so handy for when you get to work. Just plug it into your PC and you’re away, with the light flashing (only with a very dim output) while charging. A wall plug adapter is available as an accessory. Out on the road, the light switches to flashing when low on battery.

So the Mini Drive is a great torch for commuting, but how does it fair for occasional training at night? If you stick to reasonably well lit roads, high power is strong enough to light up a small section of the Tarmac in front of you, and, if riding at a steady pace, capable of picking out potholes and other hazards – as long as you don’t come across them too quickly that is, and it’s best backed up with a flashing safety light.

Trouble is, battery life is stated as one hour (in reality, a touch less) on full power, so if you’re planning considerable miles after darkness, it’s best to look further up the range, and certainly if you’re riding on unlit roads. The Power Drive (£79.99) puts out 300 Lumens, while the Super Drive (£99.99) boasts 450 Lumens, with the lowest setting equivalent to the Mini Drive maximum of 150 Lumens. Both lights will be reviewed on RCUK.

But, to be fair, the Mini Drive is designed largely for commuting, and it’s an impressive package in that regard, with the capability to throw in a few extra training miles if you, and your legs, fancy it.