Lezyne at Eurobike 2012

Lezyne at Eurobike 2012

San Luis Obispo, CA – The Lezyne crew would like to invite all of our fans and friends to visit our new booth at the 2012 Eurobike Tradeshow August 29th through September 1st in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Our recently launched 2013 line of cycling accessories, including the all new LED line, will be on display in Hall B3-107. Although many new items have already been posted online and on the Lezyne website, more is to be release on Day 1 of the show, including updated and new cycling organizers and a high-powered…well…you will just have to come to the show to find out or wait to see the coverage!

If you would like to meet with a Lezyne sales or marketing representative at the show, please use the following contact information:

International Sales: sales@lezyne.com

Marketing: marketing@lezyne.com

In addition to new products, Lezyne will also host a signing session with the all-around awesome, and 2012 Olympic torchbearer, Danny MacAskill on Friday, August 31 at 2:00pm. So bring your favorite swag for Danny to sign or pick up a Lezyne special edition Danny poster at the time of the signing session. If you don’t know Danny, be sure to watch the Danny MacAskill Insights video HERE.

For more information about Lezyne, visit our website www.lezyne.com or follow up on facebook and YouTube.

Lezyne Launches 2013 Line and Updated Website

San Luis Obispo, CA – With the Eurobike trade show fast approaching, Lezyne has launched its 2013 line along with an updated website. In stark contrast to the Year 5 website, our Year 6 site is built to focus on the beauty and “engineered design” of Lezyne products. The site has also been upgraded with other features to improve navigation, loading speeds, and multi-language capabilities. As for the 2013 line, it includes a completely redesigned and expanded LED light line, refined CO2 inflators, new bottle cages, hand pumps, and small bags/organizers.

The Year 6 LED Line

Our 2012 LED line represented the company’s inaugural year as a light manufacturer with the introduction of the extremely successful Mini Drive, Power Drive, and Super Drive LED lights. For 2013, we are using the knowledge acquired in 2012 and applying it to build a completely new LED line from the ground up. We have introduced four new models to suit a variety of riding applications.

The Mini Drive, Power Drive, and Super Drive LED lights became the XL line with an increase in lumen output for each model (200lm, 400lm, and 500lm respectively), new oversized aluminum and CNC machined bodies run cooler, reduce weight, and accommodate constant current electronics. The Intelligent Power Indicator has red and green LEDs built into the power button that allow the user to check power levels during use and recharging. The optics have been upgraded to one-piece MOR lenses which increases light transmission by 10%. The XL lights are USB rechargeable and feature Infinite Light. For more details about the XL line, go to our WEBSITE.

Our new commute oriented lights come in the form of the Macro Drive (front) and Micro Drive (front/rear) LED lights. These lights have CNC machined aluminum bodies, Composite Matrix end caps, and USB rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries (non-replaceable). The Macro Drive recharges via micro USB cable and the Micro Drive uses an integrated USB stick. The lights attach to the bike via snap-fit Composite Matrix mounts and multi-position rubber straps for easy installation and removal. The Macro Drive produces 300 lumens for 3hrs on Blast mode. The Micro Drive Front is compact, yet manages to produce 150 lumens for 2hrs on Blast mode while the Micro Drive Rear is a 30-lumen taillight designed with rider safety in mind. It is equipped with five modes: 2 solid, 3 flash, 1 ultra-bright daytime flash. If there is a question regarding the durability of these new lights, be sure to check out some of our (fun) product testing as shown in this video

More information about the Micro and Macro LED lights can be found HERE.

Our Femto Drive LED was actually the first of our 2013 line to be debuted back in April at the Sea Otter Classic. These super compact street lights (front 15lm / rear 7lm) feature a CNC machined aluminum body and Composite Matrix back plate that attach to the bike with a multi-position rubber strap. Extensive testing and complex lens seals have resulted in a safety light that is extremely water resistant. More information on the Femto Drive lights can be found HERE

All of the above LED lights will be available to buy from your local retailer by Fall of 2012.

For more details about Lezyne’s 2013 product line, please visit the Lezyne booth (B3-107) at the Eurobike tradeshow (8/29-9/1).


LED Spec Summary


Super Drive XL

Output: 500lm/1.5hr, 350lm/2.5hr, 175lm/5hr, Flash/5hr

Price: $119.99 (Loaded $149.99)


Power Drive XL

Output: 400lm/2hr, 250lm/3hr, 125lm/5.5hr, Flash/5.5hr

Price: $99.99 (Loaded $129.99)


Mini Drive XL

Output: 200lm/1.5hr, 100lm/3hr, 50lm/6hr, Flash/6hr

Price: $69.99 (Loaded $89.99)


Macro Drive

Output: 300lm/3hr, 200lm/4.5hr, 100lm/9hr, Flash/9hr

Price: $69.99


Micro Drive (Front/Rear

Front Output: 150lm/2hr, 100lm/3hr, 50lm/6hr, Flash1 100lm/6hr, Flash2 100lm/6hr

Rear Output: 30lm/2.5hr, 5lm/16hr, Flash1 30/5hr, Flash2 30/5hr, Pulse 30lm/5hr,

Price: $49.99 each / $89.99 pair


Femto Drive (Front/Rear)

Front Output: 15lm/30hr, Flash 15lm/60hr

Rear Output: 7lm/30hr, Flash 7lm/60hr

Price: $14.99 each / $27.99 pair


New Lezyne Femto LED Release at Sea Otter

Femto Drive


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MONTEREY, CA—Tomorrow, the first day of the annual Sea Otter Classic, brings with it the launch of the all new Lezyne Femto Drive LED light. The Femto Drive is a small LED light, available in a Front (white) and Rear (red)  version as well as a front and rear pair. The front version pumps out 15 lumens of light while the rear puts out 7.* It is powered by a pair of replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries that will be included. Lezyne’s marketing head Patrick Ribera-McKay had this to say about the Femto, “The Femto Drive LED is pretty small, but still manages to really pack a punch. The body is CNC-machined aluminum and super weather resistant. This light is going to be in service for much longer than other blinky lights, but it’s only going to cost $14.99.” The Femto Drive should be in stores this fall.

Lezyne will be launching other exciting new products at Sea Otter this year including some new side-loading bottle cages in Composite Matrix and carbon fiber versions, some new CO2 inflators, and some new color offerings. Be sure to stop by the booth at the show or to check out the photos and videos from the event that will be posted on the Lezyne Facebook page and website.

Lezyne will be hosting the “Lezyne Exploder” competition at their Sea Otter booth (718) this year. Competitors will race head-to-head to inflate inner tubes until they blow! The lucky chosen contestants will receive a prize for participating, but of course, winners will receive something special. More details can be found on Facebook here.


Lezyne Facebook

Lezyne at RoadBikeFestival in Mallorca

Lezyne at RoadBikeFestival in Mallorca, Spain

If you happen to be floating around Mallorca this time of year, you should stop by the RoadBikeFestival in Mallorca and check out a lot of different goodies from a lot of different people.

Place: Mallorca / Spain @ Bierkönig, Playa del Palma

Date: Friday, 13 – Monday 16, April

LEZYNE booth in the exhibition area  – we show all important roadbike products.

About 20.000 roadcyclissts are on Malloraca during that time of the year and enjoy the great weather and climate.

Many roadbike and triathlon pro’s are part of the event to join the day rides or give technical tips in the mechanic workshops.

On Sunday, 17th they organise a amateurs race calles “Mallorca Classic by Max Hürzeler” which goes over 150 km.

During this week we run a special campaign on our Facebook page, where it’s all about Mallorca and other great roadbike destinations.

More info and updated from the event later that week or here www.roadbike-festival.de.

Specialized lululemon Team Interview Video

At the Specialized lululemon team camp back in early 2012, Lezyne was fortunate enough to be able to share their experiences at the camp. We not only shared a ride with the girls, but grabbed some food with them as well as some interviews. The following view is what we were able to gather from the girls. Without a doubt, they were an amazing team and an extremely strong group of women (both on and off of the bike). The team is made up of immensely strong women who also happen to have sterling careers to back them up. Lezyne is extremely proud to be a partner of Specialized lululemon and the amazing women that encompass it.” We hope that you enjoy this video, as making it was certainly the best part.

Bobby McMullen Gets a Feature Article in Adventure Sports Journal

Bobby McMullen is featured in Adventure Sports Journal — “Racing Blind: How one person is changing what’s possible on a mountain bike”. This is such awesome exposure for Bobby and another step towards enlightening us on exactly how and why Bobby rides mountain bikes.

This article is from AdventureSportsJournal.com

Link to Article: http://adventuresportsjournal.com/uncategorized/racing-blind-how-one-person-is-changing-what’s-possible-on-a-mountain-bike