Outdoor Gear Lab’s Best Buy: The Micro C GPS

After rigorously testing multiple GPS devices on different bikes, terrain and in multiple weather conditions, Outdoor Gear Lab named the Micro C GPS as its “Best Buy” in the 2017 Best Bike Computers of 2017. According to their website, the “Best Buy” award is given to the item that offers the most bang for the buck. Read on to see what Outdoor Gear Lab had to say:

“Incredibly small and lightweight, the Lezyne Micro C GPS offers more features than its bigger sibling, the Lezyne Super GPS Enhanced, but in a much smaller package and with a color display. At only 29 g, weight weenies will rejoice over this heavily featured unit with an easy to use companion app and ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensor compatibility. It’s impressive to see how many features can be packed into a model that is this small and lightweight.

“When paired with Lezyne’s companion app the Micro C GPS features turn by turn navigation, Live Tracking, and Strava Live segments, and it is ANT+, and Bluetooth Smart enabled to pair with all your sensors including electronic drivetrains. If you’re on a budget and you count every gram, then look no further.

“Smartphone integration and data transfer are the Micro C GPS’s strong suits. This is thanks to the well designed and intuitive Lezyne Ally V2 app. Just download the app for free then pair your smartphone with your device and you’re on your way. Data transferred quickly from the Micro C GPS with auto uploads to Strava and Lezyne GPS Root website [and now TrainingPeaks], and you are given the option to back it up on your phone. We also found the Bluetooth connection to work well as text, phone call, and email notifications came through during use.

“The Micro C GPS is an incredibly versatile and powerful little unit. Other than maps, this incredibly small and lightweight device has virtually every feature you could ever want in GPS enabled cycling computer at half the weight and half the price of its more expensive competitors. It has excellent smartphone integration, compatibility with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors, Live Tracking and Strava Live segments, and the ability to switch between several outdoor activities. The Micro C GPS is great for training, racing, and casual riding no matter what type of bike you ride.

“The Lezyne Micro C GPS is highly water and weather resistant, it can even handle submersion in water [although it is not recommended].”
“The Micro C GPS is well suited to all types of cycling, whether you’re mountain biking, road biking, gravel grinding, or commuting. It works well as a training tool for those obsessed with numbers and physical output, as a passive-aggressive Strava racing assistant, or for just casually keeping track of your distance and routes. Numerous activity profiles make this a good choice for those who switch between road and mountain bikes regularly. The smartphone integration and excellent companion app also make it easy to use.

“At a retail price of $160, we feel the Micro C GPS is an incredible value. The compact and lightweight unit is packed with all the features most people will ever need. Weight-conscious and budget-minded riders need to look no further.”


“Lezyne’s standard X-Lock mount is secure enough to handle the rough and rocky steeps of South Lake Tahoe’s most iconic trail.”

“The Micro C GPS takes home our Best Buy award for being an incredible GPS cycling computer that comes in a tiny and lightweight package at an unbeatable price…[it] has been packed with nearly all of the features most people could ever want with excellent smartphone integration and the ability to pair with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors.”


All quotes and photos courtesy of Outdoor Gear Lab. Read their full review here.

One thought on “Outdoor Gear Lab’s Best Buy: The Micro C GPS

  1. Nice review. I’m using the enhanced Micro C device since beginning of this year and I like it very much.
    It should also be pointed out that due to the used *.fit file format the device is compatible with almost all analysis software and web platforms.

    One note: If presbyopia is an issue, then you should eventually better use the slightly larger Super and Macro versions 🙂

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