By The Numbers with Rob Britton - Stage 4

Canadian GC contender Rob Britton is currently racing the Tour of California with his Lezyne sponsored Rally Cycling team. Throughout the event, Rob will send us the ride data he records using his Lezyne Super GPS computer. Then, with the help of our GPS Root website, we will analyze his performance and interview Rob for exclusive insight into the numbers of a WorldTour stage race.
Rob and his teammate Evan Huffman finished first and second on the stage (with Huffman taking the win). This marked Rally Cycling’s biggest win to date and one of Rob’s greatest moments as a professional cyclist. Read more about their victory here!

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By The Numbers With Rob Britton – Stage 4
Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita, California
99 Miles

  • Lezyne: During Stage 4 your max speed (51 MPH) on the day came on a descent about 20 miles in. Was this when the breakaway was still being established?
    Rob: Oh no, we had the break set about 10 kilometers into the stage. That was just us rallying down some hill—the more time the better.
By the Numbers with Rob Britton - Max Speed
Rob hit 51 mph on a descent in the early part of Stage 4.


  • Lezyne: There were four categorized climbs during the 99 mile stage with the Balcom Canyon summit being the last of the four. It was less than a mile, but very steep, and you averaged around 450 watts up it. Were you guys riding all-out up it, or would you consider your pace just a hard tempo?
    Rob: It was definitely a lot harder than tempo. But, honestly, you either creep up it or you go hard and that climb is so steep that hard ends up being really uncomfortable. However, we knew that the chasing teams would have to ride it easy to not drop their sprinters so it was another place for us to add more time to our lead.

    At the midpoint of the stage the break hit the steep pitch of Balcom Canyon. Rob averaged about 450 watts up the ascent.
  • Lezyne: It looks like you guys averaged around 30 MPH during the last hour of the stage. Was there a tailwind? At what point did you guys know the break could stick?
    Rob: There was a tailwind for sure, and we were kind of banking on that all day. To be honest, I was confident in our chances about 50 kilometers into the day. With the cohesion of the group and all of us being fully invested—if nothing else, it was going to be really tight at the end.

    Stage 4 - By The Numbers with Rob Britton - Avg Speed
    Over the final hour of Stage 4, Rob and the rest of the escapees averaged around 30 MPH thanks to a nice tailwind.
  • Lezyne: This was an amazing day for you and the team. How did it feel crossing the finish line next to your teammate Evan Huffman as he won the stage? Your heart rate hit 205 bpm at the finish!
    Rob: It was amazing. I didn’t particularly care which of us won, I just knew we couldn’t lose after a day like that. So to go one-two was a fairytale ending. I couldn’t be happier.

    Stage 4 - By The Numbers With Rob Britton - Max Heart Rate
    Rob finished the day in 2nd place behind his winning teammate Evan Huffman. His heart rate peaked at 205 BPM during the final sprint to the line.


Stage 4 - Rob Britton By The Numbers
Rob stayed focused on his Super GPS while leading the winning breakaway. Photo: Casey Gibson