News From Interbike 2017

Last week was the final Las Vegas edition of Interbike! See what cycling media outlets had to say about a few of our new products:

Words and photos by James Huang. Read the full article here.


“Lezyne has a broad collection of mounts available for the Direct X-Mount for its own range of computers, GoPro cameras (or anything else that uses that mounting interface), lights, and more.”



“Lezyne continues to expand its family of LED headlights with the new Infinite Light Power Pack – an external battery that will plug into compatible lights to boost run times by 100% or more, depending on the model.”

Deca Drive 1500i

Power Drive 1100i

Infinite Light Power Pack



“Lezyne’s new Laser Drive rear light features ultra-bright LEDs (churning out up to 250 lumens, claimed) and two downward-pointing laser lines that create a virtual bike lane around you.”




“Yep, Lezyne is now in the bell business. Each of the three available models is built with a brass dome and hammer, and an extruded aluminum mount offered in either black or silver.”

Classic bells

Words and photos by Saris Mercanti. Read the full article here.


“The Pro head is an upgrade to Lezyne’s classic chuck. It makes swapping between valves simpler and also incorporates a valve core removal tool.”

ABS1 Pro High Pressure

ABS1 Pro High Volume

Words and photos by Zach White. Read the full article here.


“Lezyne’s boldly named Port-a-Shop [Pro] kit gives much of what you might need at a race or on the road. And for many this might be a good starter kit for your home shop. The Classic chain tool will have its own cutout for the production version.”

Port-A-Shop Pro Tool Kit



“Lezyne has joined the ranks producing a floor pump with a separate reservoir to help seat even difficult tubeless tires without a compressor – and without access to power. The Pressure Over Drive comes in both digital and analog form, will pressure up to 220 PSI, includes a new high pressure ABS 1 Pro chuck and will bruise you for US $140  for a conventional gauge and US $165 for the digital version.”

Pressure Over Drive

Digital Pressure Over Drive


PEZ Cycling News

Words and photos by Charles Manantan. Read the full article here.


“Two things you’ll note right away when you turn this on…
1. It features a pair of laser bands that cast out of the bottom of the unit and onto the street to create a virtual bike lane…
2. The thing is so facking bright on the highest setting that you might not even notice the main feature giving it its name.”


“Lezyne also have a multi functional mounting platform called the Direct X lock. The extensions swivel to adapt to different size stems and you can also reverse the direction, meaning this can face backward, either underneath or over the top of compatible stems to lace your hardware closer to you and or under and out of your way.”



“Lezyne have several LED lighting products out there and one of my favorites is their Deca Drive 1500i. The 1500i is a bar mountable light with solid power output and a very good quality light pattern.
The one gripe is that the 1:40 run time is a little short for the longer route, but Lezyne have sorted this…Doubling (or more) the current run time for Lezyne’s more powerful units (like the 1500i) is their new Infinite Light Power Pack. This unit doubles as a battery back up for my phone when I get to work as well, with the USB outlet on board.”

Laser Drive

Deca Drive 1500i

Infinite Light Power Pack



Words and photos by Dan Cavallari. Read the full article here.


“While not exactly sexy, mounts are incredibly important for ensuring your pricey accessories don’t hit the deck needlessly. Lezyne has a new one called the Direct X-Lock that replaces your stem bolts and attaches directly to the face of your stem. It comes with long bolts to ensure a strong connection. The mount allows six configurations and works with GoPro-mount-style accessories as well as Lezyne’s lights and computers.”



“Lezyne doesn’t call this bell the Lars Ulrich, but they totally should. It’s got a crystal-clear cymbal sound and attaches using these rubber bands (similar to Garmin mounts). Ding ding!”

Classic Shallow Brass Bell