Mike Kluge Cyclocross at Lezyne USA

Mike Kluge Cyclocross at Lezyne USA

Lezyne welcomes Mike Kluge as he visits our headquarters in San Luis Obispo and rides his crossbike through this beautiful area of California.

Join us on an adventure as Mike tears up the trails on his cross bike and has a custom Lezyne product made in less than two hours.

Mike is our newest ambassador to join the Lezyne family and has been cycling professionally since 1988, achieving many accomplishments throughout his long career. Some of Mike Kluge’s achievements includes Downhill World Cup Champion, 3-times World Champion Cycle Cross (2x Am 85+87 + 1x Pro 92), Road Tour winner in 1984 and many more! Although it has been 13 years since his racing career achievements, he still rides with the same passion. Mike states, cycling was the best thing, that could have happened to him, to exercise at work and travel around the world to meet interesting people.

One other major step in his career, was building his own bike brand, Focus Bikes in 1992. Besides sitting on his bike, Mike is also racing on 4 wheels.

Today he is a consultant and trainer; not just for ambitious amateurs and professionals but also for cycling enthusiasts. Mike will play an important role for Lezyne, representing its products at bike events and 24-hour races in Germany and beyond.

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