Micro Floor Drive HP/HPG – Super Versatile Hand Pump

Micro Floor Drive HP/HPG – Super Versatile Hand Pump

Introducing the strong and reliable Micro Floor Drive, our most versatile high-pressure hand pump in a unique miniature floor pump design.

Weighing in at just 150 grams, the Micro Floor Drive features a lightweight CNC machined piston and barrel powered by a durable aluminum T-handle that combines the performance of a floor pump with the compactness of a hand pump, capable of producing 160 psi.

The Micro Floor Drive is available in two high-pressure models, The HPG features an integrated pressure gauge while the HP uses a streamlined rubber hose to reduce weight, allowing you to customize your cycling kit to fit your needs.

The Micro Floor Drive is the pump of choice for traveling riders, and features an extended rubber hose and folding stainless steel foot peg for added versatility and stability while pumping.

The Micro Floor Drive comes equipped with the ABS Flip Thread Chuck for Presta and Schrader valves, and can mount to any bike frame with the composite matrix frame pump mount.