Whether commuting or getting lost at sunset, keep your loved one’s in the loop with Lezyne Track. Simply add the email address(es) that you wish via the Lezyne Ally V2 app (coming soon), and each time you begin a workout, a link will be sent showing live tracking of where you are. This live link also shows the metrics from the device, so detecting delays or problems can be easy.


1) How to use Lezyne Track



To enable Lezyne Track, first make sure your Lezyne GPS device is paired to your phone through our free Lezyne Ally V2 app (coming soon). Once paired, log in to your account (if you don’t have a free account, creating one through the app is quick and simple). After logging in, tap the more tab and then tap Lezyne Track. Here is where you have the option to turn on live tracking (by tapping the toggle button next to “Live Tracking Enable”). Next, hit the plus sign to add email addresses. These recipients will then receive an email notification every time you start a ride!



2) What can you see?




The email sent to your specified recipients will contain a link that takes them to a webpage that only they have access to. This page will display your current location and your ride so far, along with a plethora of metrics. These metrics contain everything that you see on your Lezyne GPS: heart rate, power, cadence, descent, ascent, speed, distance, temperature, etc.




Using Lezyne Track is a great option for a variety of reasons. Let friends and family know where you are and that you’re safe, coordinate meeting spots for rides, allow your coach to monitor real-time data, and let friends or family know when you’re getting close to home.




  1. Hi

    I set up everything according to the user manual and video tutorials, but live tracking won’t work: The recipents do not get any emails. Any idea for troble shooting?

    firmware is up to date
    V2 all app up to date
    live tracking enabled
    iphone paired with Y10 enhandec micro device

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