Lezyne Team Finds a Tiny Tradition

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A Band of Brothers Unloading a Box

Lezyne team finds a tiny tradition when the time comes for Lezyne’s US warehouse to replenish its premium product reserves, it calls on a massive shipment straight from its manufacturing headquarters in Taiwan. Filled from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with fresh off-the-line goodies, peeling back the door to this massive inventory cache would seem to be an insurmountable task to a solitary one-man shipping department.

Such a task has been known to occupy the majority of a workweek to unload, log and compile all products into the warehouse. But here at Lezyne, employees rarely find that their day-to-day activities reflect that of their current position or title. In order to align with the style of this company, an employee must not only be a jack-of-all-trades but must also live to embrace the random.

Which is why every somber Friday morning, espresso in hand, a mess of Lezyne team members swarm the newfound product shipment to tackle the unload job in record time. While this seems like a common occurrence to some, it is quite rare to see such specialists in their specific departments band together on a single project.


Engineers, salesmen, graphic designers and marketers come together to unload their own livelihood out of a metal box, onto and shelf, and soon into the passionate hands of their customers. In what has become a microcosmic tradition, the Lezyne team pools its resources and discovers that what had previously taken days to accomplish, could be swiftly executed in less than one hour.
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The events that unfold on a foggy Friday morning can be seen as yet another example of how Lezyne is constantly striving to become hyper-efficient and relentlessly cost-effective; a trademark characteristic that results in the highest quality and most affordable premium bike accessories on the market. Next time you see a semi truck barreling down the road loaded with unmarked consumer goods, think twice and see that perhaps this hollow hunk of metal might mean a whole lot more to a motley team of bike enthusiasts.