Lezyne Sponsors The Col Collective

Lezyne Sponsors The Col Collective - Col du Galibier

Lezyne Sponsors The Col Collective

Lezyne is proud to be a sponsor for the Col Collective by Mike Cotty. This 30-part video series will help educate and inspire budding and avid cyclists who aspire to ride some of the greatest mountain passes in the world, with expert advice and support.

The Col Collective has launched their first video in the series, featuring the beautiful Col du Galibier in France. Check it here:

Well, it’s confession time here at The Col Collective! Our original plan was to release the first bundle of cycling inspiration and education videos from Season One at the same time as launching the full website over at but since that’s still a couple of weeks away we thought what’s the point in having them locked away until then, when they could be out there and doing what we hope they do best – to make you want to ride your bike!

So this is quite a momentous (and if the truth be known nervous) occasion for us and we’re proud to present the very first video in Season One, the beautiful Col du Galibier. See how the road evolves, turning from open green land on the lower slopes to an ash-like snowcapped wonderland by the summit. Every time I ride the Galibier I have the same feeling of pure freedom whilst never being quite sure what the elements will deal on any particular day. So what does it mean when half of the sheep are sat down and the other half are stood up? Are they the weather gods of the mountain? Watch now and find out what this truly magnificent mountain holds in store for every rider.

We hope you enjoy this video. In a couple of weeks time you’ll be able to get further support and advice from our partners over at Until then please help share our story with your friends and fellow riders, leave us a comment, subscribe to the channel and get in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We want you to be as much of this journey as we are, together riding bikes and helping each other along the way.

Update: The Col Collective is now live! Subscribe to The Col Collective YouTube channel at