Lezyne Phone Wallet

Lezyne Phone Wallet

Lezyne Phone Wallet £17.99

The Lezyne Phone Wallet is designed to keep your personal items dry and secure. I’m talking, phone, change or maybe a card in case of emergencies. There are several products on the market designed to do just this but not many that do all of it.

Step forward the phone wallet from Lezyne. There’s no doubting the wallet is well made.

For your phone there is a separate pocket, sealed with a water resistant zip which has a large loop to assist access, even with bulky gloves. An added bonus is the clear panel that is touchscreen compatible, so you can still use your phone whilst it is safely protected. It’ll fit a smartphone up to an HTC One X – just.

This clear panel is in turn protected by a velcro cover with three slots for holding cards, ID etc. On the outside is a zippered pocket, ideal for the important loose change if a coffee is required en route.

All that said, the finished item is well made but the drawback is its size! It measures 145x100x25mm, not the smallest item to fit in any pocket. To be fair, it will fit in a jersey rear pocket but you will notice its bulk. So the question remains, do you want something that will protect your phone and do it well plus a number of other items but take up a fair amount of room? I would imagine the answer in a lot of instances will be no. Simpler zip-lock covers do a similar job for less money and room in your pocket.

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  1. Love it, but could do with a larger one now. Kinda iPhone 6+ size – though in truth for an iPhone 6 with an additional powerpack attached.

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