Lezyne Phone Caddy

Lezyne Phone Caddy

The Lezyne Phone Caddy is large enough to take not only your mobile phone but a bunch of other ride essentials too, and it’ll fit neatly inside a jersey pocket.

The Phone Caddy, which measures 150mm x 110mm x 45mm, is made from a nylon fabric and although it’s not fully waterproof, it’s water-resistant.

The main compartment is divided in two, the back section coming with a clear panel that’s touchscreen compatible – so you can operate your phone through it easily. It’s large enough to take most smart phones although you might want to check those dimensions if you have a great big slab of a mobile.

As well as a phone, here’s what I’ve been carrying in the Phone Caddy lately:

* Tyre levers

* Leatherman Squirt multitool

* 20-function multitool

* Valve extender & chainpin

* Puncture repair patches

* Vulcanizing fluid

* £20 note (I’m a high roller, me)

* Spare inner tube (neoprene outer sleeve)

* Mini pump (neoprene side sleeve)

There’s another side sleeve that I’ve not been using, large enough to take a CO2 cartridge if that’s your thing. (I’m not sure why I’m carrying around two multitools at the moment; there might or might not be a good reason for that).

That covers everything I ever take with me when I’m riding (unless I need a waterproof too), so I only have to remember to pick up one thing when I go out the door and that’s good news – I’m easily muddled. Of course, you could use a saddle pack and not have to remember anything, but I prefer not to hang stuff off the bike.

The divider between the phone sleeve and the rest of the main compartment is well padded so nothing is going to get damaged in here. If you want to carry a touchscreen MP3 player, you could obviously do that instead (or as well). There’s an exit port for routing an earphone lead.

The Phone Caddy is well made with a water-resistant zipper taking care of closure. After two or three months of use, all the seams and edges are still intact and the only signs that it has been used are a few tiny scratches on the touchscreen panel, and they’re nothing to worry about.

You get loops to hang the Phone Caddy from a belt if you like but, assuming you’re a roadie, you’re just going to sling it in a rear pocket and forget about it.

I’m not saying this product breaks down any barriers in terms of innovation but I’ve found it really handy and will continue to use it.