Lezyne Partners With Aevolo Cycling U23 Team

Aevolo Cycling Team training ride west of Las Vegas, (Photos by Casey B. Gibson)

 Lezyne, maker of high end cycling accessories, is proud to announce that Aevolo Cycling will be exclusively using its Enhanced Super GPS units this season. Aevolo Cycling is a second year, U.S. registered UCI Continental team focused on the development of elite U23 riders. Spearheaded by former pro Michael Creed, the non-profit team’s mission is not only to strive for the pinnacle of achievement in cycling, but also to simultaneously foster an environment that encourages the pursuit of excellence in continued education. Team funding comes from a collective donor model rather than the traditional title sponsor model.

“Aevolo Cycling embodies everything we as a brand believe in for young racers,” said Dillon Clapp, Worldwide Marketing Manager at Lezyne. “In a way that’s similar to NICA’s approach Aevolo requires all its student-athletes to manage school or other educational obligations alongside their training and racing so they can have solid careers beyond bike racing.”

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The 2018 team, growing from 10 riders in its first year to 12 consists of several current and former junior national champions in road, time trial and cyclocross. The roster consists of nine Americans, two Mexican riders and one Canadian.

“As a mechanic, Lezyne represents the durability of not just the Super GPS, but also products like the Digital Drive floor pumps and LED light systems,” said head mechanic Vincent Gee. “Every time I use something from Lezyne I’ve been impressed. As a cyclist, Lezyne products represent both complexity in its numerous features and simplicity in its ease of use, especially the Super GPS computer.”

Returning rider Michael Hernandez had this to say about the team’s switch to Lezyne GPS units, “This is my first year using the Lezyne computer and I’m blown away. My favorite part about the computer is its long battery life without any compromise on its ability to collect data. Another great thing about it is the user friendly mobile app. Being able to control my computer from my phone is a total game changer.”

Aevolo Cycling’s 2018 roster:

Kenny Boots (USA), Laurent Gervais (CAN), Lance Haidet (USA),Tyler Stites (USA), Gage Hecht (USA), Alex Hoehn (USA), Fernando Islas (MEX), Nick McKey (USA), Jason Saltzman (USA), Denzel Stephenson (USA), Tyler Stites (USA), Luis Villalobos (MEX).

Follow along with the team here:

Twitter: @aevolo_Cycling

Instagram: @aevolo_Cycling


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