Lezyne in the news at Eurobike 2017

Here’s the latest news from Eurobike 2017:

Bike Rumor:

Photo: Bike Rumor

“The Direct X-Lock is able to mount any combination of their headlamps, computers or action camera…They expect it to go to market in October, but they’re still doing final testing.”


Photo: Bike Rumor

“Their new ABS1 Pro pump head comes on all 2018 existing and upcoming floor pumps. The base is brass, which provides a long lasting, self lubricating part on which the rest can spin. The head flips to accommodate Presta or Schrader, and the new 90º angle makes it much easier to thread onto the valve stem without the hose getting all twisted up, too. On the back is a valve core removal tool…which is just as useful for making sure it’s on tight in the first place it doesn’t accidentally come out when removing the chuck.”

ABS 1 Pro Chuck


Photo: Bike Rumor

“Their new brass bicycle bells come in three sizes, use a full brass shell and dinger, and use the same stretchy bands as their computer mounts to attache to your handlebar. Pick any size for $15. ”  Read the full article here.

Lezyne Bells



Photo: Pinkbike

“Lezyne’s Classic Chain Drive actually debuted a ways back, but I’m a sucker for nice shop-quality tools, so this is what struck my eye as I walked past their booth. The chain breaker has that endearing elegant-yet-strong-like-bull thing going for it. The nicely turned wood handle, the hardened-steel breaker pin (there’s an extra pin tucked away inside the handle) and you can adjust it to work with any chain. Nice. At $50, it ain’t cheap, but it’s on par with other shop-grade chain breakers.” – Vernon Felton via Pinkbike. Read the full article here.

Classic Chain Drive


BIKE Magazine

Photo: BIKE Magazine

“Compact and lightweight, the aluminum shock pump is small enough to fit in a large pocket or stow away in a pack, never to be seen again until needed. The low-profile Digital Strip Gauge built into the side keeps the pump accurate and provides measurements up to 350 psi. The integrated hose threads into the handle when not in use and features a double-threaded valve, allowing you to pull pressure off the valve pin while the seal is still intact, eliminating any air-loss from the shock.” Read the full article here.

Digital Shock Drive


Cycling Tips

Photo: David Rome via Cycling Tips

“Lezyne Macro Floor pump is a new entry-level model with a few distinctive features. The resin base is more stable than base Lezyne pumps of the past.”

Macro Floor Drive


Photo: David Rome via Cycling Tips

“Lezyne has expanded many of its product ranges to be available in multiple colours. Here are a few examples in the lights.” Read the full article here.

Lite Drive 700XL

Lezyne Colors

1-LED-23R-V104_laserDriveRear_InUse1 SMALL

“Like the company’s existing Strip Drive, the Laser rear bike light is a rubber strap design that has a lip on either side that allows it to be strapped securely to all bikes, including the long aero tubesets on our tri frames…We had a chance to use it out on the road at night while in Friedrichshafen and were blown away by how well it worked.” Read the full article here.

Laser Drive