Ever wanted to know the best way to get somewhere via bike, but are stuck with car directions? Do you find yourself constantly reaching for your phone for navigation? With the Year 10 GPS collection, there’s a new option for directions. Design your destination with Lezyne Navigation: whether you need to get to the grocery store, find the quickest route to a new climb, or find your way home after an all-day adventure, our GPS devices will take you there, turn-by-turn. The Year 10 GPS collection goes above and beyond the standard of cycling navigation technology with three different navigation options.




1) Search and go



Our search and go feature allows you to simply type your desired destination (example: tacos) into our Ally app and then choose the correct destination and route option. From there, all you need to do is hit “GO” and turn-by-turn directions with distances will seamlessly display on your GPS. No reaching for your phone, no needing to ride with headphones.


2) Tap and go


The second way to reach your destination with Lezyne navigation is through our tap and go feature. Simply pull up the map, tap where you want to go and let your GPS be your guide.


3) Build or import routes on our GPS Root website



If you are looking to go on a specific ride or follow a certain route, simply build one in our custom route building page. Or, simply grab an existing .tcx or .gpx file and import it into our GPS Root website. Once built or imported, save your new route online and it will automatically sync with the Ally app. From there, just sync the ride with your GPS and head out for a ride!

View or download our quick start guide here.


4) Build routes on the GPS Ally App

Building routes within the Ally app is easy! Go to the navigation tab in the app, open the menu options and select “Create A Route” to begin. Once finished, your saved route will automatically sync with your GPS Root account allowing you to navigate with it later or share with your friends!

Create Route Horizontal R1

For a complete tutorial on how to create a route within the app, click here.



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    1. Hi Matthew, we are working to fine tune some last minute touches on the navigation features this week. They should be visible on the website next week.

    1. Hi Wolfgang, we are working to fine tune some last minute touches on the navigation features this week. They should be visible on the website next week.

  1. Hi Lezyne, back in September it was going to be a couple of weeks… please don’t let us Lezyne supporters down again! Route making and GPX importing, please!

    1. When initially starting your directions, you do need to be paired with the phone. Once the direction are sent to the phone, as long as you stay on-route, you won’t need a phone connection again. If you go off-route, the phone will need to connect briefly to re-route.

  2. When riding, does my phone have to stay connected for directions are are they synced onto the gps unit and saved?

    1. When initially starting your directions, you do need to be paired with the phone. Once the direction are sent to the phone, as long as you stay on-route, you won’t need a phone connection again. If you go off-route, the phone will need to connect briefly to re-route.

  3. I only bought the enhanced super GPS for its ability to give accurate directions. Initial Directions are sent from my phone to my enhanced super GPS , but it never gives you any further instructions. Its just stuck on the same text instruction regardless of what direction you take. Very frustrating when I am following instructions to the letter. Also tried building directions on the GPS root site but there is no intuitive way/ instructions on how to get it to my Enhanced super GPS.

      1. Thanks for detail, I understand the concepts and have made multipal tests. Conclusion is the device does not spit out very user friendly navigation when setting it from the phone/ gps ally 2 app unless you are content with riding your carbon racer down a track or cycle path. NB I have the latest firmware 3rd Jan 2017.

        1. Have you seen the Paris Roubaix? Maybe you need to work on some skills and fitness. Where I live I can ride the paths faster than the stoplights that they bypass. There are some turns that I can’t take at 40km/hr on my meager steel bike, and children I don’t want to kill, but that’s what brakes are for, and the legs are for getting me back to speed quickly. A well made carbon frame is designed to handle bumps well. Anyway, navigation should provide the most foolproof plan to get somewhere safely. Not all roads are safe. If you want routing, use a routing tool, not a navigation tool, or that’s how I see it.

          A constructive comment is that it would be possible to add some settings, like “avoid paths”. OSMAnd does have many options like this. I can’t remember if that works when using brouter as a back end. Brouter knows about hills.

  4. @Mike: Lezyne only offers a “bike friendly route” not a carbon frame friendly route 🙂 its a difference.

  5. I’ve more or less got the TBT directions working OK. I prefer to use other sites to create loop courses anyway so as long as the tcx upload works I’m happy. One thing that would be good to see on the display is a REALLY BIG direction arrow and very concise text as I can’t read the long instructions and control the bike at the same time! Another MUST is to have a BEEP and for the backlight come on and stay on for the duration of the instruction – and a bit beyond – as it’s impossible to navigate in poor light / the dark… can this be implemented?

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for your feedback! As for the backlight, scroll to Auto -> Backlight and turn it to “Off”. Once you’re back on the home screen, click the “Enter” button and that will turn on the backlight and keep it on.

  6. Hi there guys ,how do I build a route that gets me from my start point and finishing back at my start point I.e a round trip or loop ,many thanks Davie

      1. When I’ve imported routes built in Strava, I get breadcrumb mapping letting me know if I’ve missed a turn, but not turn-by-turn directions (i.e. TURN LEFT ON ABC STREET). Is this a feature that is going to be implemented?

        1. Hi Shane,
          Yes, we are currently working hard to finalize all the sweet details to make the turn by turn directions user experience a great one! It’s just around the corner, stay tuned!

        2. @Shane

          Did you upload GPX or TPX? From what I understand, GPX doesn’t contain data for turn by turn and should be used only when the device has a base map. Try TPX if you haven’t yet. Just got my Super GPS, hope it works well. Not impressed with the desktop app, it’s pretty useless. Doesn’t even let you add a waypoint when you build a route. Other than that, the device and iOS app seem very solid.

          1. Full route building including waypoints is coming very soon for the desktop version. Hang tight 🙂

    1. You can currently upload and follow a saved GPX file. As for building off of a GPS file, we are finalizing all the juicy details and are very close to release!

  7. Is there a possibilty for sending a gpx file (for navigation) to my super gps, with bluetooth, without the ally app?

    1. Hi Sander, unfortunately no. The GPX file must be uploaded to GPS Root, then the app optimizes it for your Year 10 GPS device.

      1. It would be helpful if multiple routes could be planned in advance, and saved to either the phone or the GPS unit, then hitting the ‘go’ button could start the navigation and breadcrumb mapping without the need to connect to the interweb. I found recently that I planned a route at home, had it ready in the GPS ally app, but after I’d driven out into the hills to the start, the navigation wouldn’t work because there was no phone connection and no internet. I guess the GPS unit had turned itself off during the car trip.

        1. Hi Dan,
          Thank you for the feedback. That’s something that we are looking at doing in a future firmware update. A little trick that one of us has found that you can use in the meantime is: while you have a signal you can queue up a route to the point that you just need to hit “Go” to send it to the device. Once you get to the start of your ride, press Go and it will send the navigation to the device.

  8. Does GPS route (workout) is saved during GPS navigation? I would like to use TBT Navigation and still have my training recorded.

    1. As long as you press “start” or record at the beginning of the ride the metrics will be recorded as normal even during TBT navigation.

  9. Can you recommend any other activity tracking sites? When i import tcx files from Strava, GPSies or RideWithGPS, no turn by turn navigation is working? On the upload route page you advice always export the file with zero advanced notify distance for padding of directions and cues. Somehow this is not working?

    1. Not all TCX files contain turn by turn navigation data. The file must contain turn by turn for it to upload the directions. If not the ride is just a line. You would have to re-create the route with directions then upload.

      1. Is there a straightforward way to take an existing GPX file or TCX and, after uploading into the GPS Root dashboard as a route, generate turn by turn nav? I have tried a few rides with the GPX file loaded and it only tells me when I’m ‘off route’ and seems to offer little in the way of navigation help. I realize this is inherent in the initial file formatting but would be super stoked if Lezyne’s interface offered a way to generate those turn by turn directions. Thanks!

        1. Hi Rupert,
          GPX files, generally, don’t have turn-by-turn directions. TCX files can have turn-by-turn. That isn’t something that we are going to be able to change. The best thing to do is find a TCX file that clearly states that it has turn-by-turn directions or use the route builder option on the Lezyne GPS Root site.

    1. No. Once you’ve loaded it onto your device, you are good to go! If you go off course and need to find your way back, however, you’ll need your phone with you to re-route.

      1. No, I’ve found that if the GPS unit goes to sleep, or the start of your planned route doesn’t have phone/internet coverage (common in Scotland), the navigation function cannot be used. The only connection you have out in the mountains is phone to GPS Bluetooth.

        1. Dan,
          That’s something that we are looking at doing in a future firmware update. A little trick that one of us has found that you can use in the meantime is: while you have a signal you can queue up a route to the point that you just need to hit “Go” to send it to the device. Once you get to the start of your ride, press Go and it will send the navigation to the device.

  10. Hello! When you are using turn by turn navigation but while you are off-road there is one curve shown on the screen that you are following and the map is always facing north. Is it possible to make the map orientate by the way you are facing physically or at least switch that little cross to an arrow so that you know weather you are going backwards or not?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are working on a solution to changing the orientation. Keep and eye out for future updates.

  11. When following a breadcrumb trail on the device, is there a way to zoom in? On a long route, or a route with many twists/turns, the default zoom doesn’t have enough detail to follow.

    1. There are two breadcrumb screens when following a route. One is the whole route and the other is a zoomed-in screen. The screens can be navigated through with the “Back” and “Menu” buttons.

  12. Are you able to set up loop maps with way points on the Ally Phone Map or is it only possible to set up waypoints on the Lezyne Roots site?

    1. Currently you can only create and edit routes on Lezyne Root. We are working to enable route building on the Ally app in the future.

  13. I’m about to buy the super. Seems like an amazing feature set for the price and a really clever way to make use of the spartphone we all have without killing it’s battery. It would be very nice if the phone doesn’t need a data connection when it re-routes (if that’s not already the case), so if it downloads the needed offline maps in advance. It would also be amazing if it could get TBT from other apps like osmand, maybe that’s essentially possible through the notifications, but only if the other apps use notifications for nav. Of course this defeats some of the point of saving battery on the phone, but it gives useful options.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve every aspect of our GPS line with new features and improvements coming with every update.

  14. Hmm, just playing with the GPS Root router planner now. It’s pretty much useless for me without open cycle maps. Google just doesn’t know enough of the paths. Not a big deal I guess, as I assume I can just generate a ruote file with OSMAnd or whatever.

    1. Hi Dave, Google maps is only used to visualize the route. We use multiple route providers “under the hood” so that the users can select the most interesting route. That is why once the play button is pressed, multiple options are presented.

      1. I’m seeing that it gets some of the bike paths, but it seems to miss some that Open cycle has (well one of the first ones I tried anyway), even if I try to force it with a waypoint on the path. Actually that results in an error and the whole route gets cleared. Of course one issue with bike paths is it can be hard for the data to really understand all the ways you can get on and off them. Ability to add line segments helps with that. It seems like there’s a great responsiveness and development going on here though.

  15. Also GPS ally really needs to allow selecting locations by pointing on the map. Some places don’t have names and in other places they can be very hard to type for foreigners (very often my situation), and sometimes, you just want to go over to the far side of that lake over yonder and it’s much easier to just point. Not being able to point is essentially a deal-breaker for me.

    1. This is already a feature. You can tap on the map and the phone will look up the address for you and ask you if you would like to navigate there.

      1. Wow, can’t complain about the customer support. Thanks for the reply. Sometimes just knowing something should work is all it takes. I tried it about 20 times before and it didn’t work. I think the word “tap” made the difference. I had been doing more of a press, like long press I guess, maybe from habit for placing pins on some other apps. Indeed, a quick tap does the trick!

  16. Purchased a Macro GPS for the turn by turn navigation feature when on a cycling holiday. Am I correct that only TCX routes will give turn by turn navigation? Lots of pre mapped routes on websites are only available as .gpx and I find the breadcrumb mapping difficult to follow.

    1. Hi Allison,
      The lack of turn-by-turn directions in a GPX is due to the nature of GPX files and not something that we control. As a side note, not all TCX files will have turn-by-turn directions encoded in them either. Only if it was created with directions originally.

      1. It’s true that gpx files don’t have turn cues built in. As I understand they are just points. However, it’s certainly possible to provide TBT from GPX files, and there are many other apps that do it, including OSMand and Locus Maps. I believe most systems that do that simply look for sharp angles in the track. This sometimes produces unnecessary cues on windy paths and can miss cues for situations where the main road curves off and you’re supposed to take the side road that continues straight, but at least you’d eventually get the off-course warning and re-route. It usually works pretty well on roads. It would seem another way would be to have the app actually re-interpret the route internally to follow the closest road where possible, but I guess that’s harder to program.

  17. Hi lezyne, I wanted to know if it is possible to download the entire city map onto the year 10 super GPS or to remove the north lock to use it for navigation, I was on a tour when my navigation pointed left with reference to north and at that point in time I didn’t know what was north so I took the turn to the left and went completely off route, please help

    1. Hi Prajwal,
      Our devices do not support mapping, but the orientation of the map will change with the direction you’re traveling on a future update.

  18. You guys know what would be massively cool? A way to ‘cancel’ navigation from the head unit while on a ride. When I am off route or decide to take a different way, it would be super convenient to just cancel the current navigation and keep riding and not have to fish my phone out to do that. 🙂

    1. You can cancel navigation from the head unit. Hold down the Menu button, scroll down to Navigation, and select Cancel.

  19. My turn-by-turn navigation simply didnt work

    if you deviate from the route at any point (reading above) does this mean it loses the route.

    Steps i followed:

    – download TCX file from Strava
    – uploaded to ‘GPSRoot’
    – Sent to device from GPS Ally 2
    – Started riding

    All i received in terms of directions was a screen option telling me to ‘Continue’ or the thin map line which shows no other roads on it – i was expecting to receive turn-by-turn directions but none ever showed. I recorded to ride just fine but was left using old means of following directions = significant less enjoyable ride

    surely i dont need to have my phone connected to bluetooth the whole ride for this function to work – i purchased this device for its battery life – if i am left to rely on the short battery life of my phone when out on a ride – the battery life of the GPS is irrelevant.

    I am striving to reduce the amount of things i take with me on rides – currently i am now having to look into a back up-battery for my phone if i intend to do long rides – precisely the reason i chose this device in the first place?!

    1. Hi Joshua,
      The GPX files and TCX files that you download from Strava do not have turn-by-turn directions encoded in them. If you want turn-by-turn navigation, you have to build a route on either our site or a third party site that offers that feature, such as, and import that TCX file.

  20. Am I right in thinking that it it not possible to follow a route on a 2016 Super GPS? I’ve loaded a GPX file in to GPS Root but there does not seem t one an option within the Ally app to navigate. I’ve Tried Ally V2 but it feels me that it not compatible with my 2016 Super GPS. if that is the case, is there any discounted rate for for a new Super GPS, please?

  21. The vast majority of my current navigation use consists of transferring a file from to my Garmin 500, which is a clunky process involving a computer hookup. Can a route be transferred from the RideWithGPS Android app to the Lezyne Android app and then to the Super GPS wirelessly without using a laptop or desktop computer? Thanks.

    1. Hi Tom,
      You can create a route on Ride with GPS on your computer, export the TCX file, and load it to our Root site. Once you’ve done that on your browser, the route will show up on your Lezyne Ally V2 app under Saved Routes. The process is similar, but you don’t have to physically connect the Lezyne GPS device to your computer.

  22. Hi Lezyne,
    Just got a Super Enhanced GPS and am having trouble getting any routes onto the Ally v2 app. I’ve imported some GPS and TCX files from Strava and have also made a route of my own on GPS Root, but even though I can see them all in ‘Saved Routes’ on GPS Root (either on a computer or on a browser on my phone) I get a message on the Ally v2 app every time I select Save Routes saying “You currently have no saved routes. Please visit ….. to build custom routes …”. I’ve already deleted the app from my phone and re-installed it, and have checked that I’m using the same email address and password for both GPS Root and the Ally v2 app. If I can’t get any routes onto the app, even ones I’ve made myself , then I’ll need to return the unit. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Dave,
      There was a fix for this in the latest app update. Log out of your account on the app. Update the app from App Store/Google Play, then log back into the account on the app. You should then be able to access your saved routes.

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