Lezyne Mini GPS in Decline Magazine

Lezyne Mini GPS in Decline Magazine - Decline Mag

Lezyne Mini GPS in Decline Magazine

We’ve gotten a lot of great buzz about our new GPS line, and our small but powerful Mini GPS is getting a lot of its own. Decline Magazine published a full page, in-depth review on this tiny cycling computer in their November/December 2015 issue, highlighting its ease of use, connectivity and bar mount. Our Mini GPS is compact, powerful and ideal computer for the cycling minimalist. Simply turn it on, press start and go for a ride. Essential ride data is presented on a sharp, easy to read, semi-customizable display and logged for later analysis. The display also features auto-scrolling ride info, custom lap presets and an optional auto start/stop function. An optimized GPS recording system stores up to 100 hours of data and can be easily accessed via flash drive technology. Rides are saved as .fit files for cross-compatibility with third-party interfaces like Strava™ and TrainingPeaks®. Housed in a stylish aluminum bezel, the computer features a simple three-button operation and is micro USB rechargeable for up to 10 hours of runtime.

“At just $139.99 the Mini GPS keeps all the essential riding data right at your fingertips for a minimal investment in a sturdy aluminum and plastic package. It lets you save and upload your rides on any fitness tracker website and provides good motivation to pick up the pace and ride harder, even if you’re rolling solo. Of course, you could get all this data and more from your smart phone but I’m not too keen on strapping a $600 piece of glass to my handlebars. I’m excited I’ve found this new way to accumulate ride data, as keeping track of my rides will help me stick to a schedule and stay in better shape.”

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