Lezyne Macro/Micro Drive Beats the Competition in Top Danish Auto Magazine

Lezyne Macro/Micro Drive Beats the Competition in Top Danish Auto Magazine

A top Danish Auto Magazine tested several lights for their safety and visibility to have cyclists be best equipped to be seen on the road by motorists. In an article titled “Cyclists, We Can’t See you!” Lezyne’s Macro/Micro pair was hands-down the most visible light that they tested.

Translated text:

“If drivers need to be able to see cyclists in the winter darkness, a good bike light and reflector are required. But even legal bike lights are hard to see from inside the car. Therefore, Motor tested a committee to guide you to be seen in the dark.

When a bicycle is hit by light from a car, the motorist can often see the reflectors better than bike lights. The reflectors in the wheels also make the rider more visible from the side. The bicycle must be equipped with the statutory reflectors regardless of the time of day.

To become even more visible , you can supplement with bike lights, clothes and bags or a bike with a reflective vest . The colors of the bike reflectors must follow the statutory: white front, red rear and yellow to the side and PA moving parts.



We saw all the lights from 300 meters. All could be seen, as required by law. But as the pictures show, there is a big difference between how well the test winner, Lezyne, and the cheapest from INGEAR can be seen. In addition, we saw that the lights are best seen when they are flashing.

Can they be seen in the side view mirror? We subjected all the lights for right turn test , and as you can see, the best lights shine throughout the car, mirror up, while the weakest fall in with the surroundings. In the city, flashing lights is a big advantage.

From the saddle. If you cycle out of the cities, you may need to¬†see whether there are gaps or ice on the road. So we put the cones up to 5 meters apart and tested the lamps (lights) reach. Lezyne and Mixbike lights were the only lights strong enough to light up to 20m ahead. Centre-beam focus is also important, however. Do you need a lamp to light the way up, you should test it before purchase.”