Lezyne M Caddy Quick Release

Lezyne M Caddy Quick Release

The Lezyne M Caddy Quick Release is a very neat and useful saddle-bag.

Lezyne have a range of small bags that fit under your saddle, including this M Caddy QR. The M stands for medium, and the QR stands for quick release. It’s perfectly sized for carrying all the kit you need for a day out – and you can attach it to your bike (and take it off again) very quickly indeed.

Most saddle-packs attach to the saddle rails with straps and Velcro, but as this Caddy is the quick release version there’s a plastic bracket that bolts to the saddle rails, and the bag has a small plastic socket on top, which clips onto (and off) the bracket in a matter of moments.

The clip holds the bag tight, so it doesn’t need a second strap to go round the seat post. It also means the bag hangs out behind the saddle, rather than directly under it, which is especially useful for anyone that finds some saddle-bags rub against the backs of their thighs when cycling.

There’s plenty of room in the bag for a spare inner-tube, plus levers, patches, CO2 canister, keys, money and an energy bar. If you keep your food in your pocket (and you’re a pessimist when it comes to punctures), there’s just enough room for two lightweight tubes and two canisters, plus levers and patches.

The main part of the bag is made from tough nylon fabric. There are three internal pockets (made from softer neoprene, so slightly padded) which hold tyre levers and other bits of kit to prevent chafing the inner tube. There’s also a very handy external pocket designed to carry a multi-tool.

The zip and access flap at the back of the bag are water resistant, but not waterproof, which means you’ll still need to dry out your stuff after a ride in the rain.

Other features include a loop of tape for clipping a rear light onto, but it’s too thin to hold the light firmly, meaning the light shines downwards rather than straight back out towards approaching cars. Other manufacturers such as Topeak use much thicker tape on the back of their saddle-packs which hold rear lights in a much better position.

The M Caddy QR’s full retail price is £21.99 but you can find it for just under £20 at your LBS or the usual on-line stores. It’s usually a couple of quid more than the standard M Caddy with the Velcro straps that go round saddle rails and seat post.